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A Horse At Islamabad Villa

This article was first published in Horizon, Winter, 1965, volume vii, number 1. The views are the writer’s own. Writer Denis Shaw was rector of St. Wilfrid’s a downtown parish in Manchester, England. Before his ordination, in 1959, he spent ten years in India and Pakistan, where he studied Hinduism, taught English, ran a tea estate, and had charge of a paddle steamer on the Ganges. He has also been an actor, a stage manager, and a journalist. Continue reading

Stop the Freshwater Turtle Massacre Now!

!! It has come to our notice that ‘freshwater turtles in the Punjab are being brutally massacred’: for profit at a scale that puts their very existence at risk. Not only is their killing being carried out in an extremely brutal fashion, there is absolutely no check on the numbers that are being lost daily and how this must be impacting the biodiversity of the river systems. Continue reading

Pakistan halts bear-baiting event

Pakistan has halted a major bear-baiting event planned in its Punjab province after a tip-off from staff of a global animal rights group.
From ‘BBC News’:

!! The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) said 20 fights involving 30 bears and 100 dogs had been planned for a village festival.

The three-minute fights pit pairs of fighting dogs against a tethered and toothless bear.

The WSPA said Pakistan’s move was a “tremendous victory” over bear-baiting.

It said its representatives had been monitoring the situation in Pakistan and had tipped off local authorities who stepped in to curb the bear-baiting.

h4. Decree

The BBC’s Zaffar Abbas in Islamabad says the controversial practice is still carried out in some parts of the country.

He says the events are hosted by powerful landlords in rural areas and usually occur between November and April.

The WSPA says the authorities have now become more responsive to its appeals.

A WSPA statement said the large bear-baiting event was planned to take place during an annual village festival in Shah Jewiena in the Jhang district of Punjab province.

Wildlife officials stopped bears being brought into the festival or the surrounding area.

Victor Watkins of WSPA said: “This is a tremendous victory in the fight against illicit bear-baiting events.

“We congratulate the Pakistan government on its diligent action and look forward to supporting further work to ensure that bear-baiting is consigned to the history books once and for all.”

The WSPA set up an information stand at the festival and said up to 9,000 people visited to learn more about animal welfare and bear-baiting.

In 2001, President Pervez Musharraf issued a decree calling for the enforcement of the existing ban on bear baiting, reinforcing Pakistan’s Prevention of Cruelty Act.

Gen Musharraf also directed that confiscated bears be moved to a WSPA-built sanctuary in Kund Park in Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province.

Avian Colours 2005

Come explore the wonderful world of birds at Avian Colours 2005, remedy from May 20-22 at the Safari Park, story Karachi.

Date: 20th to 22nd May, 2005
Venue: Safari Park, Karachi

Organised by the City District Government Karachi, Avian Colours 2005 claims to be the first bird show of its kind in Pakistan.

Many species of birds will be on display, including birds of prey and rare birds bred in captivity. Birds entered in the show will be eligible for prizes such as ‘best bird in show’, ‘best talking bird’, etc. A number of bird sellers will be setting up shop at the venue.

The opening ceremony will be at 5pm on Friday, May 20th.

Entries open. For more information contact

Dr. Fareed Hassan Qadri
DDO, Safari Park

Mr. Javed Aslam Khan
Member, Organising Committee
0333 2155320, 0300 2988511

Stray dogs in Pakistan need your help

Dear all,

The stray dogs of Pakistan need your help.

There are over a 100,000 stray dogs roaming the streets of Karachi, Pakistan. In an attempt to combat the spread of rabies, civic authorities have been killing these dogs by strychnine poisoning and shooting with guns. They have even involved the general public in this by offering cash as reward for every dog killed. The proof? The dog’s tail…

Not only are these methods cruel and excessive, they are also ineffective in reducing animal populations as well as prevention in the spread of rabies. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommended long term strategy of catch/neuter/vaccinate/release is the only effective and humane method for dealing with rabies and stray populations.

According to a news report in Dawn newspaper (May 11, 2005), the Karachi City Nazim (mayor), Niamatullah Khan, has decided to launch a major campaign against stray dogs, saying that “the campaign will continue until their total elimination.” In this regard, he has requested the EDO Health Dr. Khalid Hussain Shaikh to provide the “required number of capsules for killing stray dogs”. Remember, this money will be coming from your tax ruppees.

On a meeting with the City Nazim on May 9, 2005, a concerned group of citizens urged the Nazim to consider the WHO recommended strategy, but according to a May 11 report in Dawn newspaper, the suggestion seems to have been dismissed altogether by him.

There is another meeting scheduled with the Nazim on May 30, 2005 in this regard. We urge you to voice your opinion publicly in any capacity regarding the implementation of the WHO recommended humane strategy as the time to do that is now.

Please write a polite email/letter to the Karachi City Nazim to insist that killing dogs is an ineffective approach and has never worked in Pakistan or any other country of the world. Remind him that under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1890, there is a penalty for cruelty to animals, punishable with a fine and imprisonment. Please urge him to stop the mindless killing of dogs and consider implementing a strategy that has been scientifically proven to be effective in many cities of the world.

Let us put an end to the madness. Together we can make it happen.

Mahera Omar

Karachi City Nazim Niamatullah Khan
City Complex, Civic Center, Hasan Square,
Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulshan Town, Karachi
Off: 9232401,9232400
Fax: 9215117-9232406
Mob: 0300-8256154

Dr. Khalid Shaikh
Executive District Officer (Health)
City District Government Karachi
Ph: 021-9230246
Ph: 021-4644887
Mob: 0300-8993704
Fax: 021-4645161

General Pervez Musharraf
President of Pakistan … ssage.aspx

Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan
Governor Sindh

Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim
IIIrd Floor, New Sindh Secretariat,
Building No. 1, Karachi, Sindh.
Tel: 021-9211949-9211957

Send letters to the editors of leading newspapers in Pakistan


The Friday Times

Daily Times

Pakistan Observer

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