Karachi’s stray dogs

The Karachi city government’s decision to poison stray dogs in an attempt to contain their growing numbers is ill-founded and inhumane. It shows a total disregard for non-lethal alternatives presented to the city government officials by animal rights activists, doctors, health officials and citizens.

Their proposal was based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization which has extensive experience in this area. More and more countries, including developing nations, are implementing non-lethal spay/neuter methods to control the surplus population of animals. Many use euthanasia only as a last resort for sick and/or injured and rabid animals.

Dogs are a part of our urban ecology. Poisoning them can create an environmental disorder of an unprecedented magnitude. For example, the remains of dogs will be eaten by insects, birds and other animals whose droppings will contaminate the environment. Moreover, poisoning is a painful way to kill animals

The city government is requested to refrain from inhumane slaughter of dogs and join the team of experts and organizations that truly understand how to address this complex issue.

San Jose, USA

Source: Dawn letter to the editor – June 17, 2005

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