Monthly Archives: September 2005

Stop the Freshwater Turtle Massacre Now!

Please respond immediately and forward as appropriate.

It has come to our notice that freshwater turtles in the Punjab are being brutally massacred for profit at a scale that puts their very existence at risk. Not only is their killing being carried out in an extremely brutal fashion, there is absolutely no check on the numbers that are being lost daily and how this must be impacting the biodiversity of the river systems. Continue reading

Leopards in Pakistan must not be hunted indiscriminately!

In search of a man-hunting leopard, leopards in the North West Frontier Province in Pakistan are being indiscriminately killed: a case of shoot first, questions later. So far some 4 leopards have been shot dead, and upon autopsy declared not the culprits. This is an insane way to eliminate a dangerous animal; by leaving behind a trail of carcasses of an already endangered species. Continue reading

The stray dogs of Pakistan need your help!

Please respond immediately and forward as appropriate.

There are over a 100,000 stray dogs roaming the streets of Karachi, Pakistan. In an attempt to combat the spread of rabies, civic authorities have been killing these dogs by strychnine poisoning and shooting with guns. They have even involved the general public in this by offering cash as reward for every dog killed. The proof? The dog’s tail… Continue reading