Bear Rescue in Sindh

A bear was confiscated by Sindh Wildlife officials from an illegal bear baiting event in Mela Makhun, Sindh on September 29th, 2005 after a tip-off from undercover WSPA investigators. The 11 year old Himalayan brown bear was brought to the Wildlife office in Hyderabad from where it was being relocated to WSPA’s bear sanctuary in Kund, NWFP. Although bear baiting is illegal in Pakistan, numerous such events continue to take place between October and April. This is the first bear to have been confiscated by the authorities in the last year.

3 thoughts on “Bear Rescue in Sindh

  1. i think WSPA is moving ahead in right direction and i wish them all success and hope they will bring a day when all bears will be rescued fom this cruelty

  2. its a shame if an small scaled organisatrion can uncover such a secrative events and could fought against mighty landlords than why Cant whole world who is already fighting togather against the terorists
    could not make any succes to eleminat all this on going fuss
    why cant they uncover where bin laden is hidden
    why cant they confiscate allll terorism yielding sources

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