Bear relocated to sanctuary in Kund

!! The bear has been re-located to WSPA’s bear sanctuary in Kund, NWFP. He has been named Lucky. Other bears are not so lucky. Bear baiting continues unpunished in Pakistan. For information on this cruel blood sport and how you can help bring an end to it, visit WSPA’s website

After arrival at the sanctuary the nose-ring was removed immediately.


Wounds in the neck were treated for maggots.


The bear enjoys new found freedom. He has extensive scarring on his muzzle from years of bear baiting fights.


WSPA staff look on as the bear explores his surroundings.

Photo Credit: World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)

4 thoughts on “Bear relocated to sanctuary in Kund

  1. I am proud of WSPA who is doing so high for such a beutiful creature of GOD. i was not aware that a bear could be as beautifull as lucky is because this is the first unchained Himalayan brown bear of pakistan i am looking at it is gorgeous i am feeling some sort of love emrging out of my heart for bears.
    i hope one day all other bears will be even more Lucky
    i would request all peoples to support WSPA and thier efforts so one day our dream come true

  2. Amazing
    where on earth this bear sanctuary located
    i wounder if it is Pakistan?
    do we have such work for wildlife in Pakistan ?
    i dont belive this
    can any body tell me more about this sanctuary?
    if WSPA pakistan have any its website?
    in thier international website i couldnt find much about thier work in Pakistan

  3. I am so happy that at least one bear has been saved so far. Just the beginning I hope. It is a cruel and unthinkable thing to do to one of God’s creatures. I will pray for the unlucky ones and for the continued success of this wonderful organization.
    Ms. Danielle Chassang

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