Monthly Archives: November 2005

Confiscation of ‘fighting bear’ in Pakistan


Wildlife officials staged a daring raid on an illegal bear baiting event at (Mela Saeidi mosaani vilage NAWAN KOT taluqa MEHAR disst DADU) last weekend (8th November 2005), during the Eid religious festival. This followed a tip-off to the authorities from WSPA investigators. Continue reading

Earthquake Report 2005

I just got back to Karachi after spending two weeks filming in Balakot.

Balakot is a small town in the North West Frontier Province of
Pakistan, about 60 miles north of Islamabad. Located near the quake’s
epicenter, it is said to be among the worst devastated.

We visited a few small villages up in the mountains around Balakot,
and everywhere we went it was the same story. The people in these
areas depend on subsistence farming and their livestock for survival.
A large number of the livestock has been killed, and the remaining is
without any sort of shelter. Continue reading