Confiscation of ‘fighting bear’ in Pakistan


Wildlife officials staged a daring raid on an illegal bear baiting event at (Mela Saeidi mosaani vilage NAWAN KOT taluqa MEHAR disst DADU) last weekend (8th November 2005), during the Eid religious festival. This followed a tip-off to the authorities from WSPA investigators.

Although a number of bear owners managed to flee with their animals, officials succeeded in finding a young female bear that had been hidden away in a shed by her owner. ‘Iris’, a seven year old Asiatic black bear, was taken to Hyderabad where officials resisted severe threats and pressure from the organisers of the event and ordered that she be sent to the safety of a WSPA-built bear sanctuary in Kund Park, North West Frontier Province.


Iris is now in the care of staff at the sanctuary, her days as a ‘fighting bear’ over for good. She arrived there (2 A.M 9 November 9, 2005) and will be released into a quarantine enclosure (after intial medicale treatment and removal of metallic ring from its muzzle) before being gradually introduced to the other bears who live there.

Iris is the second bear to have been confiscated from an illegal bear baiting event in the past few weeks and joins ‘Lucky’, a male Himalayan brown bear who was rescued last month.

Events stopped

Repeated reports by WSPA investigators have succeeded in (12 even reported by WSPA field staff and 9 were stopped and at tow sites confiscations were made during October November 2005several bear baiting events being stopped from taking place by the authorities. However, illegal bear baiting continues to be a problem and WSPA is working with the government of Pakistan to stamp out the bloodsport once and for all.


Removal of the nose-ring





Source: WSPA

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  1. This is very important issue about dog and beer fighting, and in pakistan those people who fight dogs and beers are mostly un-educated,so, its important to STOP these violence.

    Dr wajid Hayat
    CDC, Atlanta, USA

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