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Threats to Nara sanctuary

Bhagwandas in DAWN:

KARACHI, buy Feb 10: Tree felling on a large scale is under way for clearing grounds in the Nara Desert Wildlife Sanctuary (NDWS), buy it is learnt. This, for sale if not stopped immediately, could lead to an environmental disaster ultimately ruining the already fragile desert ecosystem and severely affecting the fauna and flora in the process.

According to sources, influential loggers are selling the wood, which is then converted into coal, whereas the land thus cleared is brought under cultivation. The practice, banned under the Sindh Wildlife Protection Act, is posing a serious threat to the entire ecosystem, they added.

They pointed out that thousands of acres of the sanctuary land, spread over one million acres, has been cleared of trees and converted into agricultural fields. They estimated that the coal produced from the timber through this practice amounts to a few thousand tonnes.

According to the sources, the ecologically rich Nara Desert was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1980 under the Sindh Wildlife Protection Ordinance, and is home to over 110 bird species, 15 mammal species, 11 reptile species and over 150 floral species.

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Brooke Hospital for Animals

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The Brooke Hospital for Animals is an international animal welfare organization whose motto is ‘healthy working animals for the world’s poorest communities”. The Brooke was established in Pakistan in 1991, and has centers in Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Gujranwala and Mardan. After the earthquake struck the northern areas of the country, they organized donkey trains to carry relief goods to people in inaccesssable areas, as well as treated thousands of injured animals. Continue reading