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The Brooke Hospital for Animals is an international animal welfare organization whose motto is ‘healthy working animals for the world’s poorest communities”. The Brooke was established in Pakistan in 1991, and has centers in Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Gujranwala and Mardan. After the earthquake struck the northern areas of the country, they organized donkey trains to carry relief goods to people in inaccesssable areas, as well as treated thousands of injured animals.

From The Brooke:

Over 34,000 animals saved by Brooke
26 January 2006

Since the devastating earthquake struck in north west Pakistan last October, the Brooke’s dedicated veterinary teams have been working tirelessly in the area treating tens of thousands of animals, and helping countless vulnerable people keep their animals alive throughout the bitter winter months.

The Brooke has four mobile veterinary crews based in the worst hit areas of Balakot and Muzzafarabad, where it treated over 34,000 animals in the aftermath of the quake for a range of problems, including lameness and multiple injuries caused by falling rubble and landslides, and hypothermia from lack of shelter.

Together with the Humane Society International (HSI), the Brooke has built over 300 winter-proof shelters for poor communities living high up in the mountains. In addition, the charities distributed hundreds of free sacks of concentrated animal feed, and carried out a comprehensive vaccination programme against potentially fatal diseases for over 13,000 livestock.

One of the bravest relief efforts organised by the Brooke was a 40-strong ‘donkey train’ to deliver medical supplies, blankets and food along a treacherous mountainous route up to 8,000 feet. During the 13-day operation, 50,000 kg of supplies was delivered to desperately needy people. And help was not restricted to the animals – in the immediate aftermath of the quake the vets treated thousands of people where no other medical help was available.

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  1. It is wonderful to read what is being done by your organisation for the welfare of animals. I would like to know whether there are any animal welfare organisations related to your organisation in Karachi as I would like to contricute/get involved in some way.

  2. hello sir please tell me where the BROOK hospital is located in Lahore PAKISTAN and what kind of animals do you treat and at which cost.
    thank you

  3. I recently came to pakistan in the city named lahore I am a animal lover so I want to do something to help abandoned animals but I dont know where to go where to get a start form by the way I was in u.s.a I USED to WORK in RSPCA an animal humain socity so I was wondering could you help me HOW can I work for the wellfair of animals in pakistan LAHORE NAME = ZARA chauchry

  4. aoa would you plz tell me how could i get the job of veterinarian in Brooks?i am a fresh graduate of DVM from UVAS

  5. AOA I am a fresh DVM from SAU Tandojam. Would u allow me to practice volunteerly upto M.Phil admission with you. I live in Lahore Cantt near Walton. My mobile no. is 0301-4226364.

  6. I have Got a Eagle on the Raod that is wounded or may be suffer in eye sickness, What i have to do for his treatment?
    I am in Karachi Right now, Can some one please guide me for further action
    I will be thankful for your kind response,
    I am waiting
    Ijaz shakir (

  7. I wish there are cat treatments in that hospital. I haven’t seen many. The ones I’ve seen only insert the syringe if the animal is sick. My cat has flu and all I’m getting here in this town(not karachi) are human medicines. I read on net that human medicines could be toxic for cats

  8. Sir, I am a veterinary doctor (silver medalist).I am very much impressed by the animal wefare activities of your organization.I want to join your team. Kindly tell me the terms and conditions for the post of veterinary doctor in Brooke veterinary hospital.
    I will be grateful for yor kind response.

  9. Dear and most respected Sir,
    I am a veterinary doctor (silver medalist, university of Agriculture Faisalabad).I am very much impressed by the animal wefare activities of your organization.I want to join your team as veterinary doctor. Kindly help me in this regard.I will be grateful for yor kind response.

  10. Hi sir,
    I am working on animals safety in pakistan,My office is situated in multan.I want to colabration with you.i want to
    refer our injured animals to your hospital.please send me ans by mail.thanks.
    Muhammad Usman
    Animals safety Pakistan

  11. Sir,i love animals n want to become a Doctor of animals but i cant do this bcoz my numbers r less so i cant full fill my desire.but i m very impressed by yor work about animals.thanx n do well

  12. Sirs,
    I live in Gulberg, Lahore with my family – I am English but my husband is Pakistani. I have supported the Brooke with contributions and was so relieved to find an organisation that helped horses and donkeys. However, when I had cause to call out the Brooke to a badly injured and abandoned donkey, the response was that the person was in bed asleep (at 9pm in the evening) and could not come. I was devastated.
    ALso, recently after complaining to a policeman about a man abusing his donkey, the donkey was conviscated -but I dont know where it was taken. I understand that there is a law that provides for abused animals to be taken from their owners but what happens to these animals? I think it is rare for this law to be implemented.
    When we come across abuse we try and reason with the person, reminding him that it is haram to abuse animals, shaming him in public, and also that the animal is his bread and butter and if abused it will die and then another will have to be purchased – but I understand that the carts are more expensive than the donkey.
    For our part we try and look after injured and abandoned cats, and puppies – we have 30 cats at the moment that we feed and care for. OK we have to use baby medicine, and local vets that we trust – but it is a heartbreaking occupation, and the animal sanctuary we hoped for has turned into an animal cemetary.
    We just keep carrying on hoping that at least we can relieve some suffering.

    Dee Ilyas
    (wife of Mohammed Ilyas -former test cricketer)

  13. hello sir please tell me where the BROOK hospital is located in sind PAKISTAN and what kind of animals do you treat and at which cost.& what is the procedure to apply for job as a Vet.Doctor Plz
    thank you

  14. i have been passed my veterinary medicine degree from sind agriculture university tandojam in jam,2008 and is looking for an excellent employeer where i can excell my skills and have the oppertunity to serve the poor community of my country.

  15. hello guys:
    I worked as a vet doctor at Brook from 2007 to 2008 now doing PhD in neuronal disorders in Franc , its really good place for vets to work in good environment under kind and excellent management;
    If you are interesred in donation for the working equines that are in poor communities or if you are interested to work as vet ,, you can cotact
    Col(R) Mooen
    Brooke Hospital for Animals Lahore
    787 Johar Avenue near Doctors Hospital New Campus Road Lahore
    PH: 0092 42 52 91 01 4

  16. A.O.A
    brooks is one of the well known organization of the world and working since long time in Pakistan. But unfortunately the network of its services is still not expended to the remote areas of gilgit baltistan and the people of the north have lot of equine population and it is kindly requested to the higher authorities to expend there services to these areas

  17. sir i m student of dvm from bzu multan .i have a question ..sir can i do internship from brook hospital during study as i have vacations? plz sir tell me

  18. sir, i am a veternairy assistant and artificial inseminator from 1993 to still . my qulification is M.A . My experience is 17 years . I am looking for job in brooks

  19. Brooke is a very best organisation in the world , I personely served Brooke Pakistan for 5 years, at the moment , it is requested to brooke high offficials to distribute feed to Equines Owners especially at Charsadda Region in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa in Pakistan.

  20. Excellent caring skills for animals, tactful and sympathetic in order to deal with upset or nervous owners, good at handling animals at the delicate tasks, such as giving injections, prepared to carry out messy or unpleasant tasks. Possessing the stamina to cope with the physical and emotional demands and able to communicate effectively with owners and colleagues. Excellent administrative skills. Now looking for a new stable hand/ groom position in the capital of Pakistan.

    Helping veterinary surgeons treat and look after sick and injured animals. Work mainly with domestic animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and a caged bird some jobs also involves horses farm animals and more exotic species such as snakes. Nursing duties are the main part of work. These include:


  22. brooke is doing a sacred job for the wll being of ignored creature in our country ,really a noble job ,i like this work.

  23. aoa would you plz tell me how could i get the job of veterinarian in Brooks?i am a fresh graduate of DVM from university of agriculture faisalabad.

  24. sir i am 9th semester dvm student in uaf and i have extreme love for equine and i want to do intrnship in brook hospital, plz guide me about internship so that i fulfill my love for equine and do something for equine in future.
    i will be very thankful to u for this act of kindness


  25. respected sir
    i am a veterinarian .i get the DVM Degree from KPK Agricultural University peshawar with First divission session 2006 to 2010.i want to serve my jobs in ur kind organization becouse i want to interested in treating and welfare of equines.please consider my interest and employment with your organization

  26. I cant take care of my 7 year old Belgium Shepherd (bitch). She develops some strange fungus type itch in summer and gets better in the winter. Tried all sorts of vets and now would like to retire her.. permanently. What a good way to “out her to sleep”? No point in making her suffer another pakistani summer

    1. Please don’t have her put to sleep. We’ll help you find a loving home for her. There are probably people out there who would be willing to adopt her. Please post a photo along with contact details on our Facebook page so that people can reach you directly.

      1. SA ! If you are living in Karachi. I want to diagnosed your Dog’s infection. either its a fungal, mange or other dermal infection, i wana see your dog.

  27. HELLO!
    I have a persian kitten.its about 1 and a half month something strange happen with her.she is not moving and i think that she has got a comma attack.i have no pet doctor near my area.plzz send soome advise to me so i can make her to come back in her normal condition again.and send information on my facebook id will be very happy if u give me some advise

  28. Hello to all,

    I’m Suleman from lhr model town.I really appreciate Brookes team members and all unit for serving a great cause.Brooke team is like ANGEL IN DISGUISE.
    I’m animal lover and I’m too much into them since 12 years……in last 5 years I have rescued almost 48 animals at my own….most of them were dogs,cats and few donkey’s and birds.
    Some dogs were badly injured coz of road accident,some were badly beaten by their owners,some were sick due to critical viral/bacterial diseases and infections. Its not my profession or job but my LOVE towards all animals.i rescued different animals from different areas/places at different times/days.
    I caught them while going on the road for my random routine work or house course. Its always so painful whenever I saw wounded/injured animal on the road side and it never happen that I stop myself to help them and I do it at my own without any physical or financial help.
    I request to all ,please please please help injured/wounded animals….give food to pregnant female dogs/cats or whenever they need any help.instead of buying pedigree expensive dogs from pets shop please please adopt them from roads.

    I don’t have a huge house but I have 7 dogs……i took all of them from different places…few of them were badly injured few of them were only 4,5 days of happy to have such a wonderful family and I feel blessed to have them in my life.

    Its my utmost wish and I pray that God help me to rescue/safe all street animals from Pakistan.

  29. AoA my name is Ghulam Haider Aseer
    I am a vet assestent .I ‘ve been serving iv RVFC ( pak army ) since last 30 years .I ‘ve recently got retired from svc
    I have done “Animal Care Specialist Course” from the USA
    I would like to be a part of ur team.Could you give me some guidance in this Matter plz

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