Richmond Crawford Veterinary Hospital

Richmond Crawford Veterinary Hospital

Letter in DAWN:

APROPOS of H. A. Hajis reminiscences of Karachi (April 3) and his recollections of the Richmond Crawford Hospital, cialis I too have very good memories of this great veterinary institution, a landmark of Karachi. Tremendous help was rendered to ailing animals, particularly pet dogs, by the chief superintendent, Dr Syed Wisaq-ul Hassan Rizvi.

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  1. Kindly correct the name from Syed Wisaqul-ul-Hassan Rizvi to Dr. Syed Wazir Husain Rizvi in the third line of letter from Hajis. The writer is sincere in his effort to remember Dr. Rizvi, who died as director Animal Husbandry, Sindh,on october 13, 1964, and his contribution to the expansion of R C Veterinary Hospital by setting up four more units of the hospital in different parts of Karachi, Hub Chawki, and Lasbella. He had also set up two mobile units to serve people in the rural areas. Syed from New Jersey, USA.

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