Monthly Archives: May 2006

Stray Dog Management

The Thursday, May 4 edition of the Pakistani newspaper, the Daily Times, has a story headed, “Jalil proposes sending Karachi’s stray dogs to Korea“.

City Naib Nazim Nasreen Jalil suggested to Korean Consul General in Karachi Suckchul Chang at a meeting Wednesday the possibility of sending the stray dogs of the city to Korea and said that if this proposal materialised, it would help rid the city of the dog menace.

This is one of the few suggestions often put forth by successive city governments in an attempt to combat the spread of rabies. Not only would Ms. Jalil’s proposal be ineffective in reducing stray dog populations, it would also be blatantly violating Korean law, which forbids the sale and consumption of dog meat. Each year millions of dogs suffer excessive cruelty in the dog meat industries of countries such as China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and Taiwan. The animals are routinely tortured before slaughter as the adrenaline in their blood is said to increase the virility of men who eat it. Ms. Jalil ought to encourage Korean authorities to implement Korean law, instead of offering our dogs to support their illegal industry. Continue reading