Pups looking for good home

Pup puppy 01

A male Pug, born on the 11th of February 2007 is looking for a good home.

Pug FatherThe sire, Puggy, is a pedigreed import from Thailand and has won Best of Toy Breed at the December 2006 Dog Show at the Expo Center in Karachi. The dam, Bounty, was also imported from Thailand.

Mixed Breed Puppy

Another puppy, born on the 21st of February, is also looking for a good home.

Willy, the ShihtzuThe sire is a Shih Tzu named Willy.

Pak. Ch. SuhayThe mixed pup’s dam, Pak. Ch. Suhay, is a Miniature Pinscher imported from Thailand.

Both the sire and dam of the mixed breed puppy, and the sire of the Pug puppy can be seen on the premises. For more information on adopting any of these puppies, contact Veronique at +92 334 367 3237

49 thoughts on “Pups looking for good home

  1. Hi,

    The pups on display already got a home.

    I have now french bulldogs pups for sale.



  2. hi..im looking for pups to adopt..i’d prefer dogs which are larger. if there are any pls do get back to me

  3. Hi Atiya,

    Brownie, a very sweet little puppy rescued by PAWS from the streets of Karachi, is looking for a good home. He is a Pakistani street dog and is about 3 and a half months old. If you are interested in adopting him, please contact us at info@pawspakistan.org or call Dr. Zulfiqar Otho at the Karachi Animal Hospital (Tel: 0321 2471053).

  4. i am looking for a yorkie, do you have any idea where can i buy one or may be if there is one up for adoption

  5. You may contact Veronique for more information about toy breed availability in Karachi.

    Another good resource would be dogspk.com

    We also suggest posting at the PAWS forums at pawspakistan.org/forums

    Do also check out the DAWN Sunday Classifieds. You could try posting flyers at a veterinarian’s clinic too.

    Yorkies are not common in Pakistan. I haven’t seen or heard of a litter here in years.

  6. hey..m looking for some apartment dog for adoption i.e some toy breed,if u could please help me with this.
    anum (anumj.88@hotmail.com)

  7. Hi Anum,

    Contact Veronique at the L’Arche pet shop. She usually has toy breeds available.

    Shop#2, Plot # C-5-D, Street 8, Badar Commercial Area, DHA5, Karachi.

    Tel: 0323 2120001

  8. Please call Veronique of the L’Arche pet shop for information about any available puppies. Her shop phone number is 0323 2120001.

    Also check out the Pet Section in the DAWN Sunday Classifieds. Today’s paper has ads for yorkies.

    You can also post your query on dogspk.com and at pawspakistan.org/forums

  9. Hi Ingrid,

    Contact Veronique of the L’Arche pet shop at 0334 3673237 to inquire about the availability of pug puppies. Good luck.

  10. i want 2 adopt a puppy most probably male gud breed or a gud miX,
    which is also a gud guard n loving..
    if any1 in intrested plz contact me n my Bro (FaiXi) 03452790073.ThnX

  11. iwant to adopt a pupy toy breed if any one has do let me know my cell number is 03215146128 iam from islamabad….

  12. Hi

    I am looking for a Samoyed, German spitz or cocker spaniel mix breed pup to adopt or buy at a reasonable price. We are a family of dog lovers and can gaurentee a good home for any dog we take in.

    Please email us on the above noted address.



  13. heloo ..Veronique .. i read dat u hav french buldogs pups for sale … plzzz let me send me itz pics ..nd also let me knw watz ur demand

  14. i loike your dog can u plz tell me dogs that are small sized and if u have them and the price or plz tell me sooooomewhee iiiiiiiiiiiican get then from

  15. Urooj,

    Call Veronique at 0323 2120001 or visit her shop at Shop#2, Plot # C-5-D, Street 8, Badar Commercial Area, DHA5, Karachi.

  16. hello All,
    i’d like to Adopt a Doberman pup(male),it there’s anyone who’s putting their pups up for adoption please let me know i’d me more then greatfull.
    thanks ever so much.

    1. Pinky, consider adopting a puppy from us – we often rescue mixed breed puppies (or those without any breed) in need that are later put up for adoption. What city are you in?

  17. I have a 2 years old white shih tzu for sale in lahore. She is real adorable and friendly. Loves to play and gets along with anyone.

    Let me know if interested. We are looking for a loving family to place her in

  18. hello
    i am looking for a pug,shih tzu or yorkshire terrier puppy or 2 puppies
    if anyone knows where to get one please inform me

  19. Hi i am looking for any small breed pup for sale or adoption please tell me.If any one interested giving for adoption or sale.Thankyou

  20. dr sb, Salam

    I m also a Veterinary doctor very much admirable for ur such kind of effort.

    i too wants to join ur organization.
    furthermore also wants to adopt pure breed of bull dog if u have any pair so please inform
    thank full to u for this anticipation

    Dr M Habib Sultan

  21. hy guyzzzz….
    I want to adop 2 pupeis for my home I have already germen shypherd … if anyone hav them contect with me … em waiting

  22. I want to adopt any breed dog.I love dogs. If any is available contact me my number is 03107300473.
    Will be happy to adopt any dog.

  23. I want to adopt or buy a toy breed of puppy, I want to raise it from a child. If anyone is giving his/her toy breed (specifically teacup because they’re smallest) do contact me

  24. I need a puppy to adopt? If anyone willing to donate the puppy, can reach me @ 03337364208. Regards, Ali from Karachi..

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