Rabies threat in the NWFP

Editorial in DAWN:

ONE of the most cruel and barbaric methods still being used to deal with the threat of rabies is the killing of stray dogs. This has never solved the problem. As a report on Saturday from Peshawar revealed, cialis the issue has more to do with the unavailability of anti-rabies vaccines in hospitals, which are provided to them by the National Institute of Health to administer to patients free of cost. About 27,000 persons, including children, were bitten by stray dogs in the province last year, but it is difficult to ascertain the number of deaths from rabies. Those who are bitten by stray dogs say that they cannot afford to buy the Rs4,000 vaccine from the market while the government hospitals do not have it.

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One thought on “Rabies threat in the NWFP

  1. Instead of spending money on killing them why cant we as muslims do the more humane thing and raise funds to neuter them and find them homes. So far killing them hasn’t had much success with the harm done to the 2700 persons, atleast by neutering these dogs rabies cases will file down and slowly but surely there will be less dogs on the streets and more in deserving homes.

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