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How to eradicate canine rabies in 10 years or less

by Merritt Clifton

Originally published in the September 2007 issue of Animal People, a leading independent newspaper providing original investigative coverage of animal protection worldwide, the following article on eradicating canine rabies has been posted here with permission from the newspaper’s editorial team.

“Rabies could be gone in a decade,” BBC News headlined worldwide on September 8, 2007. “Rabies could be wiped out across the world,” the BBC report continued, “if sufficient vaccinations are carried out on domestic dogs, according to experts.” BBC News went on to quote staff of the Royal Dick Veterinary School at Edinburgh University in Scotland, who were among the cofounders of the Alliance for Rabies Control and promoters of the first World Rabies Day, held on September 7, 2007. Continue reading

Poaching lessons

Editorial in DAWN:

PAKISTAN needs to study the case of Salman Khan. The Indian actor was arrested and charged with seven years’ imprisonment for hunting the black buck, a serious criminal offence in India. His case has shown that no matter how popular or influential a person is, he/she is not above the law. This message needs to be sent to Pakistan too where, despite well-intentioned laws that prohibit hunting endangered species, or limit the number of game that can be poached, every rule is openly defied – and how.

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Poachers refuse to part with game

Bhagwandas in DAWN:

KARACHI, order Oct 23: The four influential men who were on Sunday booked by the provincial wildlife department for poaching refused to part with the carcasses of the poached birds, it emerged on Tuesday. They were caught poaching in the Kirthar National Park, as partly reported by Dawn on Monday.

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