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  1. Pakistan’s Foreign Policy encompassed by Houbara bustard in the whole world we have only sincere friends in Arabs and of course they are our friend because of houbara buster it is truth that last wish at the time of death of UAE king was to go to Pakistan for Houbara Hunting and I think now it is not possible to refuse them especially when they are paying us millions of dollars to protect houbara for them and Brig Mukhtar of Houbara Foundation is doing this very well. I know quite a lot of time when Pakistan’s Foreign Minster visit gulf countries for some very important issues the state heads after offering a warm welcome they said please leave all other topics and do something for the area allotted by your authorities as this is not appropriate ask them to change it according to our will after that we will listen for which you came here. I would also like to quote the decision of Indian Supreme Court who told the Arab kings that their whole wealth could not pay the cost of Indians one houbara. Even then the Arabs are good friend of Indians and that is just because the Indians supply them some other animal which normally remain alive after satisfying the Arabs and of course we couldn’t offer them any such thing
    So I would request you please do not criticise this

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