This madness must end

Editorial in DAWN:

AS in previous years, prescription the business of slaughter will be booming this winter. Arab dignitaries have been awarded 31 special permits to hunt the houbara bustard, healing a locally and internationally protected species that winters in Pakistan after travelling from its breeding grounds in Central Asia, China and Mongolia. Each licence carries a ‘bag limit’ of 200 birds which means that, at the very minimum, 6,200 houbaras out of the twenty to thirty thousand expected to grace us with their presence this year will be massacred on Pakistani soil. The actual figure will be much higher.

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2 thoughts on “This madness must end

  1. Sad, sad news. We should actually learn something from our next-door neighbors: Bollywood bigshot Salman Khan was arrested a few years back for hunting an endangered species of deer. I’m also afraid that the number of members on PAWS is rather few, indicating carelessness on the side of Pakistanis. If Pakistanis can march down streets carrying posters for women rights, why not do it for animals’ rights?

  2. Every time I see an animal, a flower, a leaf, a sunset, I’m so in awe, for me it’s a miracle, and it’s new to me every day. I wish people could see what I see, maby there would be less cruelty

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