Monthly Archives: January 2008

NGOs for strict implementation of hunting ban

Report in DAWN:

MITHI, find Jan 29: Marooara, stomach a network of more than 60 non-governmental organisations, has demanded a complete ban on hunting of near-extinct species of animals and stern action against poachers and hunters. The chairman of Marooara coordination council Obhayo Junejo, project coordinator of Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment (Scope) Bharumal Armani, and programme coordinator of Baanh Beli Sultan said at a press conference at the press club that the Wildlife Department should stop issuing permit for houbara hunting to royal dignitaries in the name of hospitality.

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Crippling our coastal lifeline

Najma Sadeque in DAWN:

If fish and other marine life could speak their minds, they would condemn humans as the dirtiest life forms on earth and a threat to all life – notwithstanding claims to ‘civilisation’. They wouldn’t be far wrong. Unknown to most, 80 per cent of the sewage produced by the world’s six billion humans, plus as much industrial and agro-chemical waste, pour into the oceans in unbroken, continuous streams.

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Think before you eat

Editorial in DAWN:

WE are what we eat and that applies equally to the poultry and cattle which we in turn consume. An investigative report published in this paper on Wednesday makes for reading so disturbing that some may be put off their food and prompted to revise their menus forthwith. The blood meal and meat-rendering units located on the outskirts of Karachi are completely unregulated and operate under the most appallingly unhygienic conditions.

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