Kitten in Islamabad looking for good home

Kitten for adoptionA beautiful and kind kitten is looking for a caring home and family to become a part of. Weighing in at just 4 pounds, you wouldn’t believe that her purr could be so loud and healthy. She has been separated from her mother at too young an age, and will not be able to survive without a safe home.

Kitten for adoption

She will bring endless joy and happiness to the family who rescues her. Please contact Megan in Islamabad at Pakistan Wetlands Programme at 051 261 0880-5.

31 thoughts on “Kitten in Islamabad looking for good home

  1. i really want a kitten
    but i live in karachi
    where may i find one? preferably a siamese kitten
    not persian

  2. Have a look at the Pet Section in the DAWN Sunday Classifieds. They usually have ads for Siamese kittens each week.

    Or you can contact Veronique at the L’Arche Pet Shop. Tel: 0323 2120001.

    We also have 2 very beautiful short haired kittens for adoption. Do get in touch with us if you’re interested.

          1. I know I’m replying after two years but just wanted to know if you still have any kitten which you could sell on low price I would really like to buy

          2. Hi Fatima, please have a look at posts by others on our Facebook wall. There are usually some kittens up for adoption. If not, try the Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation.

  3. I need a persian kitten for free adoption or at cheap price. I live in Islamabad and my two nephews of age 7 and 12 are really keen to have a persian kitten.

  4. Hi

    I’m looking for a kitten for free adoption. Doesn’t matter if it’s pure breed or stray. I live in Isl. Please get in touch with me if you know of any.

  5. i need a kitten for free adoption or in cheaper price plzzzzzzz help me out and tell me the places where i get them

  6. ABDUL RAHEEM! Hi, everyone i have a beautiful c/brown Persian Female in LAHORE. SERIOUS CAT LOVERS CONTACT MY MBLE NO .THANKS

  7. i really want a cutekitten who is kind lovable and playful. its ur should be like the gray and white kittens which have gray lines or it should be completely white like teacup kittens. Please without blue eyes. it should have dark brown or black eyes. I want that kind of kitten for free as adopting for free. its URGENT.

  8. I need a kitten in white colour it should be female her eyes should be same and can be in any colour or maybe hazel honey .The kitten should be Persian pure breed

    1. Hello Alia,

      If you’re in Islamabad, contact the HWO Animal Shelter. They would have some cute little kittens up for adoption who are in need of loving homes. Good luck!

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