Dog Shot in Seaview

Stray puppy shot A 6 month old street puppy was shot and killed in Seaview by the Clifton Cantonment’s Sanitation Department staff on the morning of March 11th, 2008. Another dog was shot multiple times on his leg, but the area residents managed to scare away the trigger happy shooters before they could kill him. Tanya Mirza, one of the residents who was awoken early in the morning by the injured dog’s howling, sent this in to us:

The morning of March 11th turned out to be a horror scene for me. I live in SeaView, and recently many stray dogs have begun breeding around the area. Some residents appear to have been complaining about them, whereas reports from servants working in the area say that these puppies are sweet and friendly. I jumped out of bed to the sound of gunshots. I could hear a crying dog, whimpering in an awful, tethering tone. I ran to my window to see two huge white pickup trucks marked Clifton Cantonment Sanitation Department. They had huge double barrel guns in their hands and useless aim, and were shooting at a little puppy, only six months old. The animal died on the spot. Then they fired at another dog, severely wounding its leg, and as it ran they shot again. I began abusing them from my window, my heart was in my mouth. The man with the gun looked up at me, straight in the eye, as I screamed at him, gasping to control the shock. He still shot. I called him an ignorant ‘jahil‘ and the two vehicles sped off at the speed of light. My father tried to chase them down, but to no avail. After contacting the SeaView Residents Society’s head, Aziz Suharwardy, we were informed of the complaints and that apparently it was ‘legal’ to shoot at these animals. When we contacted the Sanitation Dept. we made him aware of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, and he tried to pass on the blame to the Sea View Resident’s Society head, which was unfounded. I was so shaken the entire day all I could think of was that poor innocent animal, and how inhumane people can be. All I can say is that if anybody else ever tries something outside my home again, I have a supply of stones ready to hit. When we interviewed a driver who witnessed the entire scene, he said that the puppy used to play with him, and he would feed him biscuits. If people cannot even respect a living thing that cannot speak, then what respect can one expect for other human beings?

It’s been more than 24 hours and the poor puppy’s body is still lying on the small green patch where she was killed. A Clifton Cantonment Board vehicle was seen by some of the residents watering the grass around her dead body earlier this morning. The other injured dog is still somewhere hiding in pain. We have asked the people around to let us know if they spot him, so that we can try to catch him and take him to a vet. A nearby guard who has adopted a small street puppy and named him Tiger, has promptly put a collar on him, and has said they were appalled by yesterday’s incident and chased off the Clifton Cantonment staff.

For more information about humane stray dog management, please see here.

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  1. once there was a YPO party on kutta island off kemari – u can imagine why the location is called kutta island – anyway, the day before the event, some friends of mine were invited to shoot and kill dogs to clear the island of this pest – i declined – the next night when exploring the island, some distance away from the dancefloor and lounge set-up, we saw pools of blood that they had neglected to sweep – we learned they had killed over 400 dogs the day before!! point being, this is not the US where they spend more on pet food and clothing than we do on our children, this is not new york where old ladies don their little french poodles with diamond collars – if the law even exists in pakistan, no one knows about it and no one respects it – next time you see such a thing, shoot to kill the human beings!

  2. I was appalled to see this callousness of the Cantonment Board staff where they shot at a helpless puppy and drove away. First of all they should have known better, that shooting at the dog was an illegal act as mentioned in the above letter; but it goes without saying that such an act is also immoral by the standards of any civilized society upon the earth.

    Although incidents like this are not uncommon and have occurred all over the world in all ages but it is time that mankind takes some major steps toward a new ethics that encompasses not only humans but also the animals into the sphere of its moral concern. After all,being sensitive to animals also makes us better persons

    There is plenty of information available on Human Animal Studies showing strong linkage between animal abuse and violence in the society; and create a peaceful and compassionate world we cannot look the other way when animal abuse takes place right in our back yard.

    I believe the following site will help the reader in learning more about the place of animals in the society and our relationships with them

    The following two quotes, although from different sources share the same sentiments expressed above.

    “They are not brethren: they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth”
    Henry Beston, 1888-1968

    “There is not an animal on earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings —but they are nations like you.”
    The Quran, 6:38

    Syed Rizvi
    San Jose, CA

  3. Again, mankind proves to be unfit to share this world with fellow creatures.
    Glad that the puppy died immediately, disgusted by the little respect shown by people watering the grass.
    Hope the other dog will be found fast.
    Although I don’t have a religion, but more a respectful lifestyle, I agree with The Quran, “There is not an animal on earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings – but they are nations like you”.
    I’m an active member of various animal protection organizations, and there are days I don’t even read my email, it depresses me that we are still so far off protecting our fellow creatures from abuse.

  4. glad you reported this tani. i remember when i lived in lahore biking down the streets of defense and seeing dozens of dogs that had been shot or clubbed by the “sanitation” department, lying in the middle of the street. some of them had been run over, or had their tails come off. it isn’t euthanasia, it’s cruelty. not only is the act completely inhumane, but it neither solves the problem of public sanitation nor the increasing population of stray dogs. not only is their policy of appeasement half-assed, it’s also disgusting in the way that they treat it like a past-time.

  5. totally barbaric.. i just cant seem to understand how anyone could possibly do such thing.. even without education, you should know that it’s wrong to hurt another. whats going on in their mind?

  6. Tani just got your email. I am disgusted and shocked about this! Thanks for being such a great animal lover and taking some control over this inhumane situation. Keep some extra stones on the side for me and throw them harder than you throw your own, if you ever see anything as ridiculous as this ever happening again!

  7. thanks for the support guys. I was recently speaking with the guards posted at the Sea View gates and they were in high spirits, saying that the sanitation department had been “disgraced” enough this time, and that if they saw them again they would report to the CPLC immediately. I believe we will be organizing a walk for the humane treatment of animals soon, I’ll be posting more on that in the coming weeks. I also saw the other puppy that had been hit on its leg recently. It seems that the shooter was so frazzled by my screams, the bullet fired only grazed the animal’s leg. He was seen frolicking happily around my house on three legs, his wound almost healed! 🙂

  8. Sad story. But you can personally help by gathering friends and setting up boards around the city that encourage the Cantonmnent Board to vaccinate, spay/neuter, or humanely euthanize the animals instead of barbarically killing them. Apart from that of course be sure to write a legal letter to the Board. Seaview is a relatively better-developed community of Karachi, I’m sure these things will get more easily noticed there.

  9. this is really sad :(( these dogs are so innocent i hope they find the injured puppy n rescue him . i want to appeal PAWS to find the injured puppy and help him please and clifton cantonment should immediately stop this barbaric act.

  10. Sad story. Although I personally believe stray dogs pose some danger to people due to rabies etc. I’m a dog-lover and hate to see such barbaric acts of cruelty. The only solution to the stray dog problem is relocation and spay/neutering and maybe adopting some pups by concerned people. I’m against shooting them or taking them to dog pounds for gassing. We treat our animals like the Nazis treated Jews.

  11. Based on Tanya Mirza’s narration, I had shared this information with The News and I am pleased to share that the story has appeared today, accreditting Tanya 🙂 Way to go with your efforts.

  12. I live in seaview too Tanya…and once upon a time I had a family of 6 dogs…all of who were, one by one poisoned by the people based on the complaint that “the dogs bark alot” ….I lost all my babies because people here are wretched, disgusting and have no compassion for innocent animals…. one of my dogs, cocoa was poisoned while being pregnant and she died in my arms. I resent cruel people with a passion and hope they lose what is precious to them.

    and I’d like to be a part of the awareness program…and put cruelty towards animals, to an END.

  13. These kind of stories makes me cry, but as I am a boy I have to hold my tears in my eyes, even I saw so many animal brutalities all around Karachi, sometimes I even fight but the next moment when I sit back in the car, people start repeating the same thing and I was like what to do with such uneducated people:@. Myself, my mother and my brother we always try to help the needy and poor animal, and for this I am very THANKFUL to ALLAH that he has given us a good heart.

    Who ever of you have ever helped or still helping the poor animals I would like to THANK you for helping them. May ALLAH bless you all.

  14. Sad Story!, those people who have complained regarding this Inhumane activity.

    Almost seven years back i had five stray pups with me and some of my friends feeded milk to them in our neighbors ground and some other neighbors complained regarding “those pups bitted a child , After a several days some dog shooters came and killed four of my babies, when I heard a voice of firing, I got sad and more shocked and i don’t know, why it happened?, So I had Shefy the survivor, because he ran away from that area, and when we found it, he was okay, after 3 months, another complaint came “DOG BARKS ALOT” and a dog shooter came and killed

  15. hi all, i see this is old post but still they doing same poisoning. what gov. doing they killing animal very painful death, they don’t know every living thing feel pain and specially dogs and cats ruining badly, i see no body care they ruin dog’s puppies by byke, car truck no body care.they don’t want to spend 100 Rs to euthanized properly as US doing.

    i don’t say its all gov or cantonment authority fault this is very common in public no body human here. 70% people hat cats and dogs puppies, they keep away there kids from cats and dogs puppies they just through far away kitten and puppies from their garden, roof, store room never care who will feed them how will they survive.

    so this is not only shooting or poisoning issue here everyone killing poor innocent friendly animals.

    who is responsible if some respectful religious muslim families doing same thing this is more than shooting dogs, i am not cat or dog lover. in my street there was some kitten crying loud and few guys chasing them to through far away i stopped them doing this inhumanity and taken responsibilty to care and shelter innocent kitten and bring them all queen and kitten in my home and feeding i just give them one room and arrange all stuff they need cat food litter etc. i am not sure but i guess kittens hardy a month old i will release them after few months.

    i am confused who is responsible for these cruelty i just pray and ask God to save all innocent animals and birds from pakistani muslim.

    if you want to see how they pay back for their sin in real life. just go to Jinnah hospital and other major and stay few minuts at emergency gate you will see how people come in many pieces.

    don’t think killer will stay relax long happy life they will have to pay in more cruel way

    i want to say from deep of my heart 90% Gov and 70% public responsible and will be fuel of hell and this is not only words this is more than my pray.

    if you notice US UK AUS more english countries they non-muslim but they do care alot their Gov does euthanized and public do care.

    so what is good in pakistani muslim except killing, torturing and many more awkward activities. why they deserve respect ?

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