Street Puppy rescued from mangrove swamp

Street Puppy

It was the howl of despair that could have only come from a distressed soul. I was filming a documentary in the backwaters off the beaches of Sandspit in Karachi, when I heard the cries for help. A tiny brown and white puppy was wading through the murky waters of a mangrove swamp at the edge of a fishing village.

I first spotted the puppy while my crew and I were waiting for someone to show up for an interview. Something didn’t seem quite right about him as I observed him from a distance. He was wandering around aimlessly and seemed a bit confused. I lost sight of him as he disappeared into the bushes and decided to follow him to see if his mother was nearby. I went around the corner of a house next to the mangroves, but couldn’t see him anywhere. I thought maybe he was fit enough and had scampered off to where he had come from. But no. It was then my cameraman pointed him out in the shade next to a wall by the water’s edge. Although it was 3 in the afternoon on a hot summer day, the puppy was shivering and was too weak to even sit properly. He looked like he hadn’t had anything to eat since a few days and kept stumbling over if he tried to walk.

With the village childrenA few children from the fishing village were swimming in the mangrove channel. None of them had seen the puppy before. Then much later one of them piped up that the puppy’s mother had died a few days ago, apparently from hunger. I asked them to bring some water for the puppy. We had some milk biscuits with us which we soaked in the water and offered to the puppy. He had probably been having mangrove swamp water the past few days, and so was initially hesitant to drink, expecting it to be salty. When I held a biscuit under his nose, he just pressed his mouth on it, and seemed unable to open it. He had probably still been on his mother’s milk when he got separated from her. After a while, though, he finished all the water and the biscuits, and immediately seemed a bit more energetic. Soon, our van showed up, and we took out some chicken from our leftover lunch, and gave a little to the puppy. After that he was fine, and was running about following the children.

Still, the puppy was in no condition to be left all by himself, and so by then I had decided to take him with us. One of my friends, Ayessha, had been wanting to adopt a street puppy for her horse stables, and I knew that this little one had just found himself a home.

In the vanI put Saeed, one of my crew members, in charge of the puppy while the rest of the filming was being done. Once we had wrapped up from there, one of the children accompanied us with the puppy in our van to a nearby shop from where we picked up an empty cardboard box. We put the puppy in the box, said goodbye to the children who had followed us on foot all the way to the shop, and made our way to our next location. While we were filming in the open field, the puppy kept following Saeed around, and seemed quite happy.

At the vet’sWe wrapped up the shoot around sunset, and made our way back to the city. The puppy slept in my lap the whole way. By then I had informed Ayessha about him, and went straight to her house to drop him there for the night. The next morning she took him to the stables which were to be his new home. The day after that we took him to Dr. Isma’s animal clinic for a check-up. She prescribed an antibiotic for his upset stomach, and said to bring him again in a few days for deworming and vaccinations.

TigerThe puppy, named Tiger by the stable grooms, is now on a dry puppy food diet and is getting used to his new surroundings. He also has the company of a dozen horses, two rescued donkeys, and a few chickens. But best of all, he is in the tender loving care of Ayessha, and does not have to spend the rest of his life fending for himself on the tough streets of Karachi.

Hiding in the bushes

We often come across little street puppies like Tiger who are in need of loving homes. If you would like to adopt such a puppy, please do get in touch with us at

34 thoughts on “Street Puppy rescued from mangrove swamp

  1. Happyending of coourse.

    I hope this story rubs of to many who often come across situations like this through out their lives.

    Animals give so much and want so little

    Most importantly animals have the power to make us truly human

    Syed Rizvi
    Engineers and Scientists for Animal Rights
    Silicon Valley/San Jose,
    California USA

  2. I am glad that the pup found a new home where he will find enough to eat and get the love he deserves.
    Pity the mother did not have the same happy ending.

    It is a tragedy when these good hearted domesticated animals that depend on people for their common survival needs do not have the basic needs fulfilled, something as simple as food. Something we all take for granted sometimes.

    Michael Caston
    Critter Gift
    Raleigh, NC USA

  3. I was moved by Tiger story, hopefully, everyone has a genuine heart to find ways to fend and tend to “lost” animals because they equally are creations by God

  4. GOD bless all those who still hold onto humanity. You are doing a great job dear Lady! May you infect many with your sensitivity towards animals. Tiger seems to be a lovely pet.

    I have recently taken in two adorable kittens anlogwith their MOM. All are white and the kittens have one ice blue and one honey brown eye! they were in a bad condition but in about four five days have settled down in my little lawn and put up a great show when play begins.

    May be I will post their pics sometime.

  5. Such a sad story but with a very happy ending. Thank goodness
    for the kind souls of this earth!

  6. I just set Tiger’s pic on my desktop so that it keeps reminding me that life means more than how we live it. One little step can make a big difference.

  7. Very well done my dear friends. if every individual were to stop by a distress soul even once in a while, if not always then this world will be full of peace and love again. God bless you all.

  8. God Bless the beings of this world that take the time to care for the sick, abandoned,neglected,abused and threatened ones.

    Ela Josephs-Kniaz

  9. God loves those who love all his Creations. You are all blessed by God,animals and people!
    Hope the message of kindness spreads to everyone through you all!
    Thanks and bestwishes

  10. All life deserves respect and consideration. Thank you for the love you have shown to little Tiger. May he and Ayessha live happily ever after.

  11. Such a heartwarming story. It’s great to get a bit of good news about a Pakistani puppy for a change…

  12. That was a lovely story. It was wonderful of your group to rescue this little animal and even find him a nice home. Tiger looks just great in the last picture. Keep up the good work.

  13. well done you – ‘the quality of mercy is not strained… it blesseth him that gives and him that takes’ .. specially with puppies!

    respect. C

  14. Congratulations to all of you, especially the saviour of the puppy. Such an act of merit, reflective of kindness, generosity and empathy, surely defines the path to Heaven: just as cruelty is the path to hell! May you be empowered to continue in your noble avocation.

  15. Very touching story. The gentleman who rescued the puppy and Ayessha truly have a great heart. I wish many can follow this example. As for Tiger, I am very happy for him and wish him a very good life.

    Sunil Harigopal

  16. I could weep with joy! But do let us follow Tiger’s progress as he grows up. Keep posting pix. May he become the fiercest protector and most faithful friend that any horse has ever known!

  17. Thank you sharing this wonderful story. I wish PAWS well in your good and compassionate work.

  18. i am glad that such angelss in humans exist that can save the life of an cute and beautiful innocent puppy

  19. no one has the right to abuse animals. like human beings, they also feel what we feel…dog is man’s best friend. you wouldnt dare to hurt or abuse your best friend. check PETA

  20. my fiancee and I wanted to buy a puppy to protect our house, we are currently living in our parents houses so we wanted a dog in the house at night and we could be with the dog at daytime,, but i found a puppy just now on the streets , i saw him playing with a soda can and i told my fiancee that i really wanted to save him because most people would just pass by and do nothng…when we crosses the street to see him he began rolling in the floor with his belly up and stole our hearts.. so we took him to our house and gave him a bath,,, he has so many ‘GARRAPATAS’ the puppy didnt wanted to eat or drink anything so we left fresh water and a bowl o WITH chicken and I want it so bad to be tomorrow to spend some time with him,, we named him GAARA… next week ill be moving to the house so that the puppy wont be left alone and take him to the veterinary

  21. So happy to hear this wonderful story and glad to know that there are still people around who feel.. All the best!!

  22. omg, isn’t he just the cutest thing ever!
    nice work guys, i look forward to reading about your rescues.

    leme know if i can ever lend a hand.

  23. Hope That Dog Will Recover Soon:(
    Guys, I just want to share something which happened with me today while I was going towards my Uni, although its a sad story very terrible moments but happy too that the DOG will survive and recover soon INSHALLAH.

    I was driving on the Baloch Colony Cause way, I saw that the cars are diverting into two ways leaving the middle road empty, but when my turn came I saw a DOG was lying on the road, badly very badly injured, he was bleeding too much I passed from his side too but THANKS to ALLAH for giving me such feeling for Animals, I stopped my car immediately rushed towards him, stopped the traffic saw him for 2-3 minutes was just figuring out how much he is injured. Anyways I put my hand on his head and guys believe me he opened his eyes although he couldn’t breath due to heave blood loos and his tongue was also damaged. The moment he opened his eyes I was like uf shukar he’s alive. I lift him up in my hands and I putted him on the corner of the road, then I bring a bottle of water from my car, tried to put some water in his mouth so that at least he can breath properly.
    Thanks to another guy, a generator mechanic who helped me so much. We both took him again to the upper road. I can’t tell you how helpless I was that time and my heart and eyes cried , I called 15 just to have EDHI’S number, luckily they respond. I called the EDHI and I asked them that do they have any Animal support center or do they have any ambulance to lift animals from the scene, how much will you charge for, without listening to what I was saying he said, we haven’t decided yet about the Hissa for Qurabni and I was like yar meri baat sahi se sunlo but long story they didn’t respond positively, I spent almost 2 hours with that DOG he was getting Ok and he stand up and trying to walk even but still he was in so much pain and was unable to take breath properly, 2 police men also came and shouted on me from the road, gari kis ki hai and I said meri hai then they said we by pass it one hour back and now its still here, so just asking I told him the story and they said ok fine. I left that DOG in a very big ground connecting to industrial area, I putted him under a tree left some water for him as well in a bowl. I wish that he will recover soon INSHALLAH.
    Just stated here to let people know that at least we should have an animal support center

  24. It was really very kind of you to help the poor dog. Not many people would have stopped, and that too on a busy road. I wonder what happened to that dog. As you say, it’s been 3 – 4 months. Perhaps that mechanic that helped you would know.

    Anyways, the next time you see any animal that’s been in an accident, call a veterinarian. Dr. Zulfiqar Haider Otho of the Karachi Animal Hospital is someone we work with, and who will come over in case of any emergency. His number is 0321 247 1053.

  25. @MO, thank you for giving me his number, what is his charges? and you sure he will come and help the poor animal? I am new on this website and trust me I was very amazed to see that there are number of people like you me and others who loves animals and wanted to take care of them but ahh its Pakistan. Anyways I truly appreciate who ever made this website. Do you guys have any group or something like that? have you ever visited EDHI animal house on main super high way.

  26. I am really happy, I can not tell you what are my feelings rite now, just a relief for me, thank GOD I got this website now. I would like to know more about your work and yes I have seen all the pictures including edhi animal shelter. Nice effort may ALLAH bless you and PAKISTAN.

  27. I have seen a Big dark brown dog at Burns Road today near Bashani Sweets he was limping, i think his front, left hand was injured, please help this dog he was looking in pain, if I can be of any help please reply

  28. Thanks to Paws Team & also to Dr. Shalla’s Team to rescue that dog today from Burns Road by reaching on time there, they will treat them and update

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