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There’s a letter by Syed Rizvi in today’s DAWN about Ardeshir Cowasjee’s column on animal welfare in Pakistan. Mr. Cowasjee writes a column for DAWN every Sunday. He recently wrote about some of the positive changes taking place for the animals of Karachi.

Syed writes:

I JOIN Dr. Nanditha Krishna (letter, Aug 8 ) in applauding your paper in giving some space to Ardeshir Cowasjee’s column (Aug 3) on animal concerns. Mr Cowasjee’s article is very encouraging and plays an important part in raising animal awareness in a society which has treated animals so poorly for centuries.

To the positivism expressed by him, I would like to add that for the last two years the Pakistani media has received recognition at the Genesis awards at Beverly Hills, California, for raising animal rights awareness in the mainstream. Genesis awards are the most prestigious awards given to the media by the Hollywood office of the Humane Society of the United States for bringing animal issue on the spotlight.

I have every hope that your paper will help animals by continuing to publish animal rights-related material and join ranks with other Pakistani media in their pursuit.

Syed is the President and Founder of the USA based organization, Engineers and Scientists for Animal Rights (ESAR), and a board member of His letter is in appreciation of DAWN’s coverage of animal issues. You too could drop DAWN a line. Your letter would encourage the paper to keep on creating awareness about the plight of animals in our country. They take letters at

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  1. i am from Lahore.
    at Dharampura Pet shop(RED SEA FISH STORE) shopkeepers have kept the local turtles in a very bad condition because they are expensive even being local .if any one can help those please do …………….

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