25 Dec

The state of our civilisation

Cowasjee in DAWN:

Full marks to Faiza Ilyas and to the Metropolitan section of Dawn for printing as its lead story on Dec 15 the most depressing and sad tale of the leopard transferred earlier this month from the Safari Park, discount where for two years she was kept in a turkey cage, to the Korangi-Landhi zoo where she is confined in a somewhat larger cage but subjected to intense maltreatment by visitors who torment her with sticks and stones in an effort to wake her up from her comatose condition. She does nothing but lie in a corner of her cage on a filthy cemented floor.

The aim of this is clear and laudable. Ms Ilyas is pleading for someone or some organisation to come to the rescue of the leopard and save it from its inhumane, uncaring and ignorant jailers.

More here.

20 Dec

PAWS stall at DAWN’s Lifestyles Exhibition

PAWS stall at Lifestyles 2008 Visit the PAWS stall at DAWN’s All About Lifestyles Exhibition 2008 (Hall 4, #110). We’re sharing the stall with the Karachi Animal Hospital. The exhibition is on from December 19 to the 21st. Also at 11am on Sunday: KCP’s All Breed Championship Dog Show.