Mixed breed puppies available for adoption

Six puppiesSix 8 week old mixed breed puppies are available for adoption. The puppies have been dewormed and vaccinated, and are ready to go to their new homes. If you would like to adopt one of these puppies, please call Dr. Zulfiqar Otho of the Karachi Animal Hospital at 03212471053, or email us at info@pawspakistan.org.

How you can help

If you can’t adopt any of these puppies, but would like to help us find homes for them, you can do any of the following:

Put a link to this post on your facebook account.

Email the link to friends, family and colleagues.

Post this notice on any appropriate discussion forums.

If you work in the print or electronic media, do a story on the puppies to help spread the word about their rescue and adoption.

Print out the flyer below and put up on public notice boards, such as at schools, coffee shops, supermarkets, etc. Be sure to get their permission first.

Six Puppy Adoption Flyer

122 thoughts on “Mixed breed puppies available for adoption

  1. hi,
    I am looking for a German Shepherd puppy. I will be thankful for u if u could find one for me. I hand male German Shepherd puppy. looking forderd for the reply.
    i live in Lahore Pakistan.
    my cell no is 03234300208.

    1. Are you looking for a German Shepherd puppy to adopt??
      Can you do me a favour please! actually i have also been finding German Shepherd puppy for adoption. so if you see them anywhere for adoption so please!! please!! let me know at muhammad.jeem@gmail.com
      I will be very thankful for your help 🙂

  2. Hi Mishael,

    Many thanks for your interest. Yes, the puppy in the top right picture is still available for adoption. You’re welcome to come see him anytime. Please contact Dr. Zulfiqar Otho to coordinate your visit. Tel: 0321 2471053

    1. Aaslam.o.alikum…
      Sir i want to adope anyone pet specilly german shepard and labour dog but i am ready for adope any dog if you want to give me any dog for adoption then contact at my no is 0304.6620515 i am waiting for your reply
      Thank you

      1. Please contact the HWO Animal Shelter. They would have some dogs up for adoption who are in need of loving homes. Good luck!

  3. Dear Mr. Ahmed,

    If you’d like a German Shepherd puppy, you can try the following options:

    Contact the German Shepherd Club of Pakistan (gsdcp.org)

    Have a look at the DAWN Sunday Classifieds.

    Contact veterinarians in Lahore (http://pawspakistan.org/resources/)

    Put your query up on these forums: pawspakistan.org and dogspk.com

    Attend a dog show. These are usually advertised in the papers, or you can contact the Kennel Club of Pakistan (kcp.com.pk).

    Hope that helps.

  4. Hi Aliya,

    Yes, 3 of the puppies are still available for adoption. You’re welcome to come have a look at them anytime.

    1. Aaslam.o.Alikum…

      I want to adope any dog if any you want to gave me your dog then contact at my no 0304.6620515 i m wating for your reply Thank You

  5. Hi Mahira,

    Are three of these one’s still available for adoption? Which ones exactly, could you specify?

  6. The three puppies in the top two pictures are still available for adoption. Let me know when’s good for you to go see them. I’ll take you to Shireen Jinnah Colony where they are living at the moment with their parents.

  7. hi, this is very critical situation in pakistan and specially in karachi to kill the dog with strychnine poison,
    i don’t believe this because its very danger condition
    i want to do something for animal in karachi and i need the concerned person of PAWS and want to give somthing good
    iam working at CDC USA and i am veterinary doctor and work on Rabies disease,

    Dr Wajid Hayat
    CDC, Atlanta, USA

  8. Check out the ads in the DAWN Sunday Classifieds. They usually have a couple of ads for Persian kittens and cats.

    You could also contact Veronique at the L’Arche pet shop.

    Shop#2, Plot # C-5-D, Street 8, Badar Commercial Area, DHA5, Karachi.

    Tel: 0323 2120001

  9. Dear Friends,

    hope all goods. i want a dog any n pure breed if any one lookin careful home for there dog please contact.




  10. plz contact me i want to adopt a cute puppy prefrably labradour, male i love dogs me n my younger bro will take care of everything..

  11. Hi Faizan,

    Please see the comments above on how to find a puppy for yourself.

    We do not have any pure breeds dogs available as we usually rescue street puppies, which are mongrel puppies of no breed. If you would be interested in adopting such a puppy, we have three that are still looking for a good home.

  12. hi i would like to ask a favour frm u i have a female german shephard cross breed and she mated with a cross breed male of an elsation so if u cant arrange someone for addoption but there are 6 female no male
    my contact num 03232089419
    i live in karachi

  13. @sheheryar akber

    kindly mail me pics of puppies u have.i want to adopt them.i am a great dog lover,kindly reply me.i am waiting

  14. hi I am a student of MBA , I am a true animal lover,
    I am happy to see that your organization work for animals right in this scociety where poeple doesn’t care for humans right.
    I wanted to be a part of your organisation and wish to work for your organization.

  15. Hello, I would like to be part of your campaign to help the animals. let me know how to contribute for this good cause and i will be there.. thanx Rizwan.

  16. Is aren’t ironic that the last reply by MO to any post was on May 4th seven month ago. How do you accept a person should be encourage to participate if they do not get a small reply. I understand the PAWS people would be busy with some of their more important works. But at least a little response should be given.

    I was interested in adopting a pet, in context I visited Dawn life style on 22nd November 2009, where I meet some PAWS volunteers, on my query the lady at the PAWS stall gave me a cell phone number of Mr. Zulfiqar, the gentleman didn’t pick my call, then I sent a SMS same time, even now I didn’t get the reply from him till today.


  17. Sheheryar, hope you were able to find homes for your pups.

    Saad, if you are still interested in adopting a dog, we have a very beautiful mountain dog type looking for a good home. You can take a look at his picture here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/23133233/Brown-and-White-Dog-Flyer

    Wali Muhammad and Rizwan, thanks for wanting to be a part of PAWS. Please see our facebook page for ways in which you can help: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pakistan-Animal-Welfare-Society-PAWS/63595523592?v=wall#/pages/Pakistan-Animal-Welfare-Society-PAWS/63595523592?v=info

    Jawad Hussain, many thanks for stopping by our stall at DAWN’s All About Lifestyles exhibition. If you’re still looking for a pet to adopt, please do visit our facebook page for posts about animals looking for good homes: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pakistan-Animal-Welfare-Society-PAWS/63595523592?v=wall#/pages/Pakistan-Animal-Welfare-Society-PAWS/63595523592?v=wall

    Thanks also for pointing out the delay on our part in responding to some of the comments on the website. Sorry you weren’t able to get through to Dr. Zulfiqar Otho of the Karachi Animal Hospital. He may have been out of town, or in the middle of a surgery. Sometimes, however, cell phone signals and smses just don’t go through, even though it seems like the phone is ringing. We encourage you to try calling him again, especially in case of any emergency, as he will do his best to help.

    You may also send us an email at info@pawspakistan.org with your contact number and we’ll give you a ring to help you find a pet to adopt.

  18. hi i am looking for a good guard dog for adoption.plz everyone i am requesting if anyone has a good pedigree guard dog do inform me on my email id.

  19. hi!
    is there any persian cat 4 adoption????
    plz i wana adopt if u hve any. i heard of PAWS well u r doing great working.

  20. I will be very glad if you inform me that are there some pupies available for adoption in Lahore.

  21. Hi i would like to know if you have any german shepherd puppies for adoption. I live in Sialkot and i’m waiting impatiently for one. Please help.

    1. Hazzam, no we don’t have any german shepherd puppies. You might want to try the German Shepherd Club of Pakistan, the DAWN Sunday Classifieds or the forums at dogspk.com.

      We often have mixed breeds or street dogs up for adoption though, as those are the ones that are usually in need of rescuing.

  22. Sir, i just want to know that if i find any stray animal especially puppies and kittens on the street without any mother around then if i just bring them to you will you treat them and put them up for adoption? Can you please let me know the address that where should i bring them if i find any.

    1. Hassan, we don’t have any german shepherd puppies up for adoption. We do, however, have a few mongrel puppies that are looking for good homes. If you’re interested, please do contact us at info@pawspakistan.org. Thanks!

  23. well i was planing to adopt some pups cause my dogs are geting older and they are male for mating only well i can adopt few pupies with an agreement signed of there health

  24. hey sarah .. sis em intrested to adopt that puppie ef u still having et wid u pleez contakt me on ma cell no. 0312-2060804 or at ma email allabout_destiny@hotmail.com wht eva is conviniant to you.. but pleez do let me knw waiting for ur reply ..


  25. i need any pup 4 addoption.if anyone have it plz plz plz plz . contact me my no is: 03024347011, 03434103822, 03004844035, 04235894446 ………………i am a dog fan ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  26. i need any pup 4 addoption.if anyone have it plz plz plz plz . contact me my no is: 03024347011, 03434103822, 03004844035, 04235894446 ………………i am a dog fan ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    lab pup,russian,cocerspaniel espl

  27. can any one tell me that is there any dog for adoption in islamabad or near it.if anyone knows please contact me.

  28. hello i want to adopt an german shepherd or labador puppy plz contact me if anyone got one here is my cell phone number 03132804521

  29. Aaslam.o.Alikum

    Hi..my name is Junaid and i want to adope any dog specially German Shepard and Labour Dog if any body want to gave me any dog then Contact me at my no
    i will very thank full for you i am great lover of Dogs plz contact me..

  30. Aasalam-o-Alekum

    im kamran ali live in bahawalpur i love dogs but i don’t have money to purchase dog .
    i want to adope any dog specially German Shepard and rottwillar dog
    Dog if any body want to gave me any dog then Contact me at my no
    lpz hai koi Allah ka banda jo Allah k naam pe 1 male dog mujhe de dee thanks & best regards

  31. i live in islambad and i am looking for a imported puppies and i give all facilities…cuz i like puppies

  32. I live in lahore i need a GSD male puppy for adoption brother if you can arrange i would be very thankful to you my contact No. is 03147578282 i live in lahore plz arrange brother i am a dog lover i love to adopt it 🙂

  33. Dear Doctor,
    I live in Islamabad and would like to adopt Labrador puppy can you help me in this regard , you can contact me in my Cell # 03002001049

  34. i need labradour or pointer dog if u have then contact me or if u have another breed so u can also contact me i need urgently i live in lahore pakistan my contact number is:03330142134

  35. Salam,

    I am looking to adopt a puppy for a very long time for my son. If anyone is willing to let go of their puppy, please contact me on 0300 850 8242 or 051 257 9000. I have had experience in raising a dog and would not have issues again raising one in Pakistan. Please assist in getting one, thank you so much.


  36. A O A
    sir i am looking for a puppy of gsd or labrador or rottweiler for adoption .. plz help me finding it . I live in rawalpindi.
    Areeb Sohail

  37. Hi, My name is Khizer Khalid Ghafoor. I am looking to adopt either a German shepard puppy or a white labrador puppy… please call me or email me the details

    Number: 03333246758

  38. if any (colour type size and age dont matter) pet is available for adoption contect me plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz 03002857756 multan

  39. I want to adopt gsd, rottwoiller, bull dog or Labrador. all I want in female pups. plz help me to find. 0300-4639106

  40. A O A
    sir i am looking for a puppy of german shephard , labrador or rottweiler for adoption .. plz help me finding it . I live in Lahore
    Ali saif

  41. i want a big dog and any pupies for free adoption . i live in bahawalpur . my name is arslan. my cell number is 03423826994

  42. Hi Folks! My Labrador bitch is in heat and needs a Labrador male dog for mating right away. I am based in Lahore and will be grateful if somebody with a male Labrador can please get in touch ASAP. Contact Kooki Naeem, Cell: 03213003000. Anyone?

  43. Are these puppies still availible for adoption? I would love to have any of them. i live in Lahore Cell: 0323-7340592

  44. A.O.A i wnt to adopt a dog labrador,German Shepherd,Bulldog etx mix breed if any one wnt to give so please kindly contact me i live in lahore my Contact num 03230439952

  45. Hi i’m from lahore and i really want to adopt a puppy free please contact me on this number 03244672922 or just leave a reply for me please i really want to have one

  46. A.O.A i have two puppies for sale urgently alsatian brown and lab or german mix black if any one wnt so kindly contact me brown 5000 and black 10000 paisa kam b hojain ga jis na lana ha wo contact kra bs itx urgent agr koi apna bachon ka lia ea apna lia lna chta to cntct kra

  47. Hi zulfiqar I’m Awais from Rawalpindi I want to adopt German Shepherd or a lebra or Rottweiler in mein SE koi bhi ik dog ka puppy chahiye plz mujhe de den my cell no 03345253884 thnx

  48. hi i am syed faizan haider
    I am looking for a German Shepherd puppy. I will be thankful for u if u could find one for me. I hand male German Shepherd puppy. looking forderd for the reply.
    i live in Karachi Pakistan.
    my cell no is 0347-2304089
    Kindly reply fast

  49. i want to adopt siberian husky puppy. plz let me know if you have one or any other puppy for adoption in lahore

    1. Hello Suleman,

      Todd’s Welfare Society has many wonderful puppies and dogs up for adoption. Please contact them on their Facebook page. Good luck!

  50. Dear All,

    I live in Karachi. I am a dog lover especially (GSD) since long, but now a days unfortunately can not afford to buy, if there are any chance to adoption i am always ready to adopted. My contact no. is 03421285323 pls send me whatsApp call or send me details of puppy.

    1. Hello Meer Sahab,

      Please contact the Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation via their Facebook page. They have an animal shelter in Malir with many wonderful puppies and dogs up for adoption. Good luck!

    1. Hi Faiz, we don’t have any such dogs. You might want to try the Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation. They have dogs up for adoption. You can reach them via their facebook page.

  51. hii I am Musa Hassan looking for any dog or better be pair to be my companion contact number is +923125193901

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