Found Dog – please help locate owner

Found DogA male Labrador mix dog was found near Amir Khusro Road in Karachi early March. Help us locate the dog’s owner by printing out the flyer below and posting it at a few public places such as at schools and coffee shops (with the relevant authority’s permission, of course).

You can also help spread the word by putting a link to this post on your facebook account, posting at relevant facebook pages that you’re a fan of, and at online discussion forums.

In case the owner isn’t found in the next few days, the dog will be up for adoption.

Please forward this alert to friends, family and colleagues.

Found Dog

10 thoughts on “Found Dog – please help locate owner

  1. Hassan,

    We don’t have any labradors. We usually rescue street dogs, and those are the ones we often have up for adoption. If you would like a labrador, check the DAWN Sunday Classifieds or the forums at

  2. if u still have the dog and cant find the owner then can i adopt that one , i have already one gsd female and i m the dogs lover , if u stilll have then plzzzzzzzzzz give me that onne

  3. I lost my dog, circuit, on Thursday morning, September 8th 2011, at 9am in Bath Island, Clifton. He went out of the house for a walk but didn’t return. He is a peckingese with brown eyes and a white and light brown fur coat with thick hair. He responds quickly to a whistle. I am trying really hard to look for him. Please help me find him. He is small in size. Please contact on 0336 2364592 if anyone sees him.

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