Perverse Pleasures of the Human Race

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shankarMarch, order Friday the 13th – Lucky for some – unlucky for some – Clearly unlucky for me, search friends of Shankar and for Shankar himself or – itself, healing if you must. May I have the honor to introduce “Shankar” – Shankar was an ordinary mongrel with the heart of an exalted soul. Shankar and companion – lallo were maliciously poisoned by the Clifton Cantonment Board despite the Chowkidar’s plea to not poison the dogs as they were pets, vaccinated and collared.

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  1. Can we get the contact details of the person in charge of the Clifton Cantonment Board? Maybe he can be called up or something. The person at the top who is doing this should be talked to.

  2. Yes, that would be a good idea. We plan to find out who’s in charge of all this and go and talk to them about it.

    Someone in DHA Phase 6 saw on two occasions a CBC Shehzore pick-up full of cages with as many as 20 street dogs in them. Where they were being taken to nobody knows, but they most likely met their fate at the hands of the dog shooters on CBC’s payroll.

  3. Its very hard to get a dog locked inside a cage. I hate the Clifton Cantonment Board for killing dogs. Its a sin to kill like this.

    Maybe those dogs were being rescued? There is no chance of that is there, sadly? This makes me tremendously angry.

    Who is in charge of the Clifton Cantonment Board?

  4. No, no chance of that. Clifton Cantonment Board has dog shooters on payroll whose job is to go around shooting dogs on the streets. Or perhaps round them up in pick-ups and shoot them somewhere out of sight of the residents.

    You can see an advertisement of theirs in DAWN Newspaper for dog shooters here:

    Read more about stray dog management here:

  5. According to their website, the president of the Clifton Cantonment Board is the administrator of the DHA, who is “wearing two hats”. So I suppose he is ordering the killing of dogs in such a manner, including collar wearing pet street dogs in front of the owners.

    It is said that most of the times these dog killers spring into action on the complaints of residents. I wonder if CBC would stop being so trigger happy if all those opposed to the killings were to speak up and complain about such cruel and ineffective methods of dealing with stray dogs.

  6. ara hagoron pagalon its only a dog get over it….i bet u guys r not aware of the civil war currently going on in pakistan.Thousands r being killed by the taliban…wat about that!Take action against that and not just whine over the death of a doggy..

  7. aaaaa shana kya ra haaaan gando!abey salon ye harami ne mughe do baaar kata hain!Its gud that he was killed….aggaarye looogh ise martein nahi to mein is ko haramion ke tarha mar deta…ab chal kut sala!

  8. My eight month old beautiful german shepherd puppy was killed by the CCB’s strychnine poisoning campaign over 8 years ago, and they still have not stopped this murderous campaign. Thank you so much for highlighting this issue, you are doing great work.

  9. @ muhammed taha shayeq

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – mahatma gandhi

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