Infant Elephants Arrive in Karachi

baby-elephant1 Four wild-caught infant elephants from Tanzania have arrived in Karachi, cialis despite much pressure from international organizations. PAWS has learnt that these infants were forcibly removed from their mothers, in one instance resulting in the death of the mother elephant as she tried to retrieve her baby. In Pakistan, the import of these elephants has also not been without controversy. Read more here.

2 thoughts on “Infant Elephants Arrive in Karachi

  1. Im so upset seeing those baby elephants stolen from their Mothers in Tanzania and taken to the Karachi Zoo in Pakistan. The Pakistani and Tanzanian governments should be ashamed of themselfves. They obviously know very little about elephants or don’t care. It they did know or care they would be aware of how traumatic this is for the baby and the mother elephants. Elephants are extremely intelligent and have strong family bond that continues throughout their life.

    The baby elephants would be extremely traumatized being taken from their family. The Karachi Zoo looks like a prison. There is no greenery or grass for them to enjoy , just a concrete compound.

    What are the likely chances of these baby elephants being returned to the wild?

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