Word Animal Day Celebrated in Karachi

Karachi, viagra October 4, viagra 40mg 2009 – World Animal Day was celebrated at an event organized by The Brooke at the Richmond Crawford Government Veterinary Hospital in collaboration with the Department of Livestock and Fisheries, Government of Sindh and Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

The Brooke is the largest animal welfare organization in the country, working in 12 districts to improve the welfare of horses, donkeys and mules in poor communities. The organization provides free emergency veterinary treatment and support services for the animals and arranges training in animal care and husbandry for the owners who depend on working equines for their livelihood.

Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a young organization based in Karachi, with the goal of setting up an infrastructure for animal welfare work in the country. Rescued street animals like injured dogs and cats are provided veterinary treatment.

Participants of the event included:

Dr. Sher Nawaz, Dr. Mohammad Kashif and Dr. Niamatullah Somroo from The Brooke
Mahera Omar and Maheen Zia, Co-Founders, Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
Dr. Chander Kumar, Veterinary Officer, Richmond Crawford Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Khalid Qayamkhani, Vice President, Pakistan Veterinary Medical Association
Dr. Gulfam A. Syed, Provincial Coordinator Farmer Association Pakistan
Equine owners from around the city

Dr Sher Nawaz, Senior Program Manager, The Brooke South Region introduced the event and the work of The Brooke organization.

World Animal Day is celebrated each year on October 4 throughout the world. Its purpose is to create awareness about animal welfare.

It is a day to reflect on our duty towards all of God’s creatures and to renew our promise to do more for the animals,

says Co-founder of PAWS, Maheen Zia.

Iqbal Ijaz, a folk doctor, has now, under Brooke’s guidance, given up cruel practices such as slitting donkeys’ nostrils and injuring them under the false belief of curing them of illness. He realizes that what he was doing was actually harmful, and now actively spreads the message of kindness towards animals to others in his community.

I have learnt a lot from Brooke, and I use the skills they have taught me to treat animals properly,

says Iqbal Ijaz.

Gul Sher, Sattar and Mohammad Ikhlaq, donkey cart owners, spoke about the basic care and management of donkeys and about harmful practices such as nostril slitting and bad harnesses.

Street animals in Pakistan generally include working animals such as horses, donkeys, mules and camels, as well as stray animals such as cats and dogs, and captive wild animals such as the monkeys used by beggars and birds sold at traffic signals. Stray dogs bear the brunt of our collective cruelty, as the city government regularly targets them with strychnine poison in order to get rid of them. One of the main objectives of PAWS is to introduce a humane alternative to reduce the stray dog populations of our cities. Killing dogs is an ineffective approach and has never worked in Pakistan or any other country of the world. PAWS is currently lobbying for the implementation of the Animal Birth Control program to be made part of government policy in Karachi.

Dr. Gulfam A. Syed spoke about our duty as human beings to look after those who cannot look after themselves, and this includes the animals we share our world with. He said that the Quran mentions donkeys to remind us that God has created them just like He has created Man. Islam attaches great importance to animals.

All creatures on earth are sentient beings. There is not an animal on earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings – but they are communities like you.

(The Quran 6:38)

It is also an established fact that cruelty to animals is linked to violent crimes in society. Numerous studies have been conducted proving this link and how deadly it can turn out to be. Children who abuse animals are more likely to grow up to be violent towards humans.

The street animals of Pakistan deserve to live in peace and without suffering or fear from humans. The Government of Pakistan should strictly enforce the current animal protection laws. Mahatama Gandhi once said:

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

The event concluded with a walk outside the veterinary hospital by all the participants in order to show their solidarity towards the cause of animal welfare in Pakistan.

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  1. Aijaz, Brooke only works for the welfare of equine animals, not goats and cows. For more information about them, please visit their website thebrooke.org

  2. Welfare means to help and give protection, I’m glad that there are some organization and kind hearted peoples which still working for animal welfare at any way…I heard about PAWS, it’s pretty good society and, i wish that in all cities of Pakistan have the same societies. Wajid, GA, USA

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