Concept of animal welfare non-existent in Pakistani society

Andaleeb Rizvi in Daily Times:

KARACHI: Talking about animals, prescription one must be used to the spectacle of undernourished donkeys, horses and camels as well as flea-infested cats and dogs in the city. Also worth mentioning are the illegal animal markets, where animals are kept in dirty, over-crowded and unhygienic conditions.Unfortunately animal welfare is an alien concept in our society and it is proved countless of times when we go through news flashes about poisoning of street dogs and cats, indiscriminate shooting of crows or eagles, hunting of endangered animals and birds as well as public displays of cruelty by pelting stones or cutting off of ears and tail of street cats just for fun.

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3 thoughts on “Concept of animal welfare non-existent in Pakistani society

  1. You people talking about concept we have no corner of huminity for animals
    The most shame and bloody game dog fighting,bear fighting is still most popular in pakistan, when i was in peshawar i saw many dog fighting battles, not only in Peshawar, sindh and punjab also, cock fighting is another set up of young guys,
    which is the base of other fighting…. This is why, we are hunderd year back from west, we have law but only in BOOKS, not for implementation, because we don’t care, and worse is that we muslim but we still don’t care….Sorry if some one hurt due to my subject…… Wajid Hayat, Atlanta, USA

  2. The question is what needs to be done, i think the private sector is the only one that can do anything or start by setting up local shelters for the concerned matter and start a think tank. Im willing to do what takes.

  3. i am willing to start up an animal shelter in lahore and then nationwide , if anyone willing to help plz contact me …. plz come forward and help these furry friends .

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