Monthly Archives: February 2010

In memory of Feefee

Guest post by Ayza Omar, a graduate student of Broadcast Journalism at Columbia.

FeeFee was always smiling or whining. She was barely ever serious. She also had a short fuse. Her spurts of anger were obvious from her mad dash to the gate, teeth bared, legs splayed and a low guttural growl that made the bravest of guests perch on the balls of their feet, ready for flight. Continue reading

Helping animals in Pakistan

Guest post by Syed Rizvi, cure President and Founder, treatment Engineers and Scientists for Animal Rights, story San Jose, CA

The mentality that conveys the message that we should help humans before we help animals is the same mentality among some who say we in America should help the poor in America before we help the poor in the third world countries. There are still some whites in the west who believe their predominantly white country should help the whites before helping blacks. Continue reading