Edhi Animal Shelter

A report on the Edhi Animal Shelter by Sidra Omer.

13 thoughts on “Edhi Animal Shelter

  1. hi i rescued 6 puppies and taking care of them since two month but they r growing bib and cannot handle them because of small place pls help me to find shelter for them

  2. hi im interested in the puppies n it would b really kind of u to please mention what breed they r and i wld INSHALLAH get back to u asap to arrange a meeting!

  3. Uzma, please do post their photos on our facebook page. The only shelter in the city is that of Edhi, but it would be better if we found homes for them instead.

    We ourselves are looking for homes for 6 puppies. Two of them we rescued as they had maggot wounds when we came across them. They are currently living at a volunteer’s home. The other 4 are still with their mother on the streets (in DHA2). They are about 3 months old and big and strong and healthy. DHA will poison them soon if homes are not found for them.

    Unfortunately, we do not have a shelter and so all of our rescued animals are housed in volunteers’ homes. We therefore currently have no space to house these puppies, unless people come forward to foster them till permanent homes are found.

  4. Dear MO

    I am a student and just love dogs i m from khairpur city if you have any rescued pup to keep at volunteer house so i m volunteer so do let me know if anyone around me want to leave their pup.

  5. Would like to adopt a pure bred couple of puppies (male and female) short coat, small frame like a beagle. Will pick them up from anywhere in Karachi. Prepared to cover cost of Vet check, papers, deworming, grooming, medicines. Will provide a forever loving home for the pet.

  6. I wish we could have such shelters in every part of the country. Pakistan is doing a holocaust of dogs these days and this needs to be stopped. I wish we never had parted from British India, now india is way ahead of us in many ways.

  7. Hi…I need a platform for helping animals..please help me in finding any NGO near my city..I am from Gujranwala Pakistan

  8. If anyone wants to adopt 2 month female puppy (Labrador retriever) & 4 month German Shepard then contact me immediately. This offer is available for one week only.

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