Low cost rabies vaccination drive

A low-cost rabies vaccination drive was held at the Karachi Animal Hospital from 12 to 2pm today under the supervision of Dr. I.H Kathio, the owner of the hospital and a practicing veterinarian in the US. People showed up to get their animals vaccinated and for general checkups.

Outside the clinic we ran into Chandi and his owners. Chandi was a young little pup when he was rescued from the streets of Karachi by a kind soul. They brought him to the Karachi Animal Hospital for a checkup where Dr. Otho dewormed and then later vaccinated him. The kind soul who rescued the pup kept him at their house for a few days, and then shifted him to the hospital where he stayed another couple of days, after which the puppy was adopted by Mustafa and his son Ali Sher. They named him Chandi. Mustafa is a labourer who works and lives at an under construction building behind the hospital. His family adores Chandi and look after him well. He’s got a collar on and isn’t tied up so is free to roam around the neighbourhood.

Just today Mustafa’s brother Ghulam Shabbir adopted two very healthy 5 week old mongrel puppies from someone he knew. He lives in the same building and said he was giving Sohna and Mona milk and bread but their tummies were out. We asked him to get both the pups checked out at the Karachi Animal Hospital. Dr. Kathio and Dr. Otho gave them a clean bill of health. They dewormed the pups and asked Ghulam Shabbir to bring them in again after a week for their vaccination. They also recommended he give them rice with chicken but that’s not something the owner can afford. Watered down milk and bread is probably all these pups will get twice a day.

Inside the hospital, the vets were busy treating someone’s dog. A few veterinary students from Baqai Veterinary College were also present for volunteer work and to learn from Dr. I.H Kathio’s experience. Dr. Kathio will be off tomorrow for lectures in Peshawar and at the Veterinary University in Tando Jam, where he also has a charity animal clinic.

Just as we were leaving, we spotted a lovely young black and white dog in the empty plot to the side of the hospital. We found out that he was rescued by a nearby shopkeeper, Mohammad Zawir, who saw him roaming around the neighbourhood injured. So he brought the dog to the Karachi Animal Hospital where Dr. Otho treated his wounds. The dog is better now and the hospital staff has even put a collar on him. He looked happy and healthy and well cared for. We did ask Mohammad Zawir to put out an earthen bowl with water for the dog. If anyone would like to help provide this, it would be most welcome!

All three pups -Chandi, Sohna and Mona – and the black and white dog are absolutely adorable. They are lucky to have found such loving folks to look after them. We have two such rescued dogs with us that are still looking for good homes. If you would like to adopt any one of them, please email us at info@pawspakistan.org or post the links below on your facebook profile to help spread the word about them. Thanks!

Brown and White Dog (mixed breed rescued from DHA)

White Dog (mongrel rescued from Saddar)

Visit pawspakistan.org/support for ways in which you can support PAWS in its work.

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  1. You may want to get this booklet which is free. It is a guide to Trap-Neuter-Release programs that have been successful.
    The web site is http://www.tnrdogs.com

    It gives details on how to to set up a TNR program, including how to budget, build a clinic from scratch, gather public support, and manage resources.

    Hope it helps.


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