Caged and killed

The Friday, adiposity May 7, DAWN has a letter to the editor about innocent caged birds being sold at traffic signals across Karachi:

COMING to M.A. Jinnah Road from Electronic Market road, one finds bird sellers (mostly selling sparrows) caged and cramped over each other at traffic signals. It is apparent that these birds die with suffocation while their captors remain in search for those who would pay for their release.

This gross violation and killing of animals at the hands of their cruel captors must be stopped. I would like the authorities to take notice of this practice.


Please take this opportunity to send polite letters to the editor of DAWN encouraging the authorities to put an end to this cruel, immoral and illegal business. Remind them that under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1890, there is a penalty for cruelty to animals, punishable with a fine and imprisonment. Please urge them to implement the laws of the land. The animals cannot speak up for themselves. Your voice can make a difference.

DAWN accepts letters at

All letters should include the writer’s full name, postal address, e-mail address, and in the case of Pakistan, a day-time telephone number.

Please forward this alert to your friends, family and colleagues.

3 thoughts on “Caged and killed

  1. This is indeed a very good step as this disgusting practice is being carried out in islamabad as well (i dont know about other cities). My husband works in The Nation and I urged him to do a story on it and he did a few months back. Alas! the authorities were not moved. Let’s give this a try and hope that it works.
    If you need any assisstance regarding the matter you can tell me.

  2. Thanks for this step, but behind this along chain of sellers include, I ask one of the seller why you do that, he said for livili hood, he also said that contractor (thakydar) give to us to sell sparrows as it has a proper market, please stop this crime,

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