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Flood Relief Trip to Tando Hafiz Shah, Thatta District

Guest post by volunteer Melanie Parkinson:

prostate Thatta district” width=”140″ height=”105″ class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-1194″ /> October 10: It’s only after we finish our work for the day and are given a tour of the village by a local teacher that we realize exactly how important the work that PAWS is doing here is. As outsiders (it’s our first day in Pakistan), we have no frame of reference for anything that we’re seeing – we don’t know what these fields used to be like and while we’re working, most of the village is hidden from view, so we can just see water marks on one or two buildings and a skirt of mud around the random patches of sugar cane that has survived. But once we are taken into the village, it quickly becomes clear that the animals are all these people have left. Continue reading