The perils of a growing stray dog population

Qadeer Tanoli in The News:

Despite efforts of different town administrations, there the numbers of stray dogs is increasing in the metropolis, pill posing a potential threat of rabies in the city.

The health department of the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) provides poisonous capsules to town administrations on demand. It is the responsibility of every town administration to initiate either full fledged campaigns against stray dogs or address any complaints in this respect at any time of the year. Stray dogs can be seen in almost in every town but those areas are their special breeding points where storm water drains are situated. For instance, stray dogs are found in abundance alongside the banks of the Mahmoodabad Nullah and Manzoor Colony Nullah.

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  1. Once again, the Karachi City Government is out on a stray dog killing rampage. Please write letters to editors of leading newspapers in Pakistan encouraging the Karachi City Government to adopt the animal birth control method to control the stray dog population in the city. For more information about humane stray dog management, please see:


    Express Tribune

    The News

    Daily Times

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