Kishmish and Billy welcome a new friend

Karachi: Found a tiny little 4 week old female gray tabby kitten on the street. She was right by the edge of the road when we came across her one evening. A security guard said he saw someone’s gardener bring the kitten on his bicycle and leave it by the side of the road where some other cats were also hanging about.

The guard had given her some milk but she was too tiny to be having it on her own. One eye was also sealed shut, so we decided to take her with us and had Dr. Otho of the Karachi Animal Hospital do a complete checkup. Thankfully the eye was not infected. Apparently, there must’ve been an old injury due to which the eye had shrunk a bit. We are putting eye drops twice a day, and the eye is otherwise fine.

The little gray tabby is quite the fiesty one. She has a great appetite and spends her day playing with Kishmish and Billy when not taking naps. They all wrestle together as if they were the same size! The gray tabby is too young to be vaccinated, but she will be as soon as she is a bit older.

This cute little kitten is up for adoption to a good home in Karachi. Please email us at if you are interested, or help us spread the word by sharing this post with your family and friends.

5 thoughts on “Kishmish and Billy welcome a new friend

  1. i want to tell this great organization “PAWS” that there are some shops in rawalpindi where cruelity on cats is on peak, they are in a very miserable condition at the shop, very much starved and caged. please please please do something for those cats 🙁

  2. lost my belovd companion some time ago and have desperately been looking for unwanted hard to place puppies….only age and gender is a consideration..not breed….but all i find in karachi is a commercial market of dogs…no one seems to have pups looking for a loving caring home…..paws was a great hope but it seems to have no new posts since july…still hoping…..

    1. Zahid, thanks for getting in touch with us. Leo, a rescued female dog, has been looking for a home since more than a year. She is at the Karachi Animal Hospital. Please contact Dr. Otho at 0321 247 1053 for more information. Dr. Shalla (0322 616 0876) of PetVet Clinic in Saddar also often has rescued puppies and dogs up for adoption. Please also check our facebook page ( for regular updates about animals for adoption. Thanks!

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