City Landmarks – Richmond Crawford Veterinary Hospital

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Who was Richmond Crawford? Who was Lady Nanette Constantine? What is PAWS? Well, see all of them have one thing in common. They were/are fond of animals and represent different generations which carried the flag for our ‘agreeable friends’ in Karachi. Let’s talk about them one by one.

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3 thoughts on “City Landmarks – Richmond Crawford Veterinary Hospital

  1. Well this RICHMOND CRAWFORD is the very first place my dog visited soon after his adoption wen he was actually 3years old bought from EMPRESS MARKET.MINDBLOWING services offered by doctors and an excellent staff for such a government hospital..
    8YEARS since my dogs adoption..

  2. i have very bad experience to this hospital. i brought my male cat here who was suffered from diarrhea, doctor suggested injection but after 2 days he suffered from jaundice and died. the doctors of this hospital are only for cattle (horses, donkeys,goats). they can not treat for small pet and they have not proper medicine atc.

  3. Hi
    could anybody advice whats
    Richmond Crawford Government Veterinary Hospital, Bunder Road, next to Radio Pakistan correct ph# is
    I tried 32743224, but its not listed, typical govt…kindly email me correct ph#



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