Animal welfare – a long way from home

Faiza Mirza in DAWN:

“Why waste time on animal rights when humans don’t get their rights here?” is the usual response to the idea of animal welfare or animal rights in Pakistan. Meanwhile, and animal lovers and activists strive to change the mindset that makes both these issues mutually exclusive.

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4 thoughts on “Animal welfare – a long way from home

  1. many of u will not be surprised to know that u will hear a similar comment in India as well.we all need to work for animals because they will not come and tell that they are in trouble like humans can do.animals cant show their misery like humans can.u need a heart to feel their emotions.i strongly feel since humans are majorly responsible for such state of animals in both the countries,we need to take onus of well being of animals.i am vikas from india and i must congratulate u all tht u r doing a fantastic job.i may not know how successful u all have been but i am sure ur efforts have made a difference.commendable work.

  2. By doing welfare work for animals may give/teach left good impression on uncivilized people how to respect and behave with human being

  3. The innocence of an animal is one that can never be found in a human. They deserve respect , they deserve freedom . As Jacques Deval once quoted, “God loved the birds and invented trees.  Man loved the birds and invented cages.” 

  4. salam sir edhi doing good job sir i found a kitten her mother is dead i cant nurse her plz can i give u how can i send u dis kitten

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