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PAWS – Call for Donations

Weak and emaciated, Brownie was barely holding on to life when PAWS rescued him. Days of treatment and tender care turned him into a handsome young dog. He was later adopted by a loving family.

Nomi was limping badly, trying to pull a cart with a broken front leg when PAWS came across him.

Someone found Azaadi in a corner of their garden one afternoon, lying there dazed. They immediately called PAWS for help. A quick checkup at the vet’s and plenty of rest later, Azaadi was back flying free in the sky.

Dear Friend of PAWS,

There are few things as satisfying as helping our furry four legged and winged friends get back on their feet. Some of them, like Nomi the donkey, spend their lives helping their caregivers earn a livelihood to support entire families. We owe it to them to look after their health and well-being, especially in times when they need us the most. Continue reading