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Weak and emaciated, Brownie was barely holding on to life when PAWS rescued him. Days of treatment and tender care turned him into a handsome young dog. He was later adopted by a loving family.

Nomi was limping badly, trying to pull a cart with a broken front leg when PAWS came across him.

Someone found Azaadi in a corner of their garden one afternoon, lying there dazed. They immediately called PAWS for help. A quick checkup at the vet’s and plenty of rest later, Azaadi was back flying free in the sky.

Dear Friend of PAWS,

There are few things as satisfying as helping our furry four legged and winged friends get back on their feet. Some of them, like Nomi the donkey, spend their lives helping their caregivers earn a livelihood to support entire families. We owe it to them to look after their health and well-being, especially in times when they need us the most.

In a country like Pakistan, the environment and animal welfare are often dismissed as non-issues and countered with the argument that human beings come first. We are trying to create awareness about the fact that we are all interconnected in the web of life, and need to address different issues simultaneously. It is this change of attitude about our lifestyles and our responsibility towards other sentient beings that we share the earth with, that will hopefully nudge us towards a more sustainable future.

While PAWS does not have a shelter or clinic of its own yet, volunteers help rescue injured street animals and coordinate with private veterinary clinics for their housing and treatment. Through nearly 13,000 fans on our facebook page, we provide guidance and advice on animal care and help find homes for animals up for adoption. We are also developing a humane resource pack for schoolchildren to promote compassion towards animals in Pakistan.

In response to the floods of 2010 and 2011, in which livestock perished by the millions, we began a campaign to replace farmers’ lost livestock so that they could regain their livelihoods. In addition, over a series of relief trips we provided veterinary treatment and medicines to flood affected animals in Sindh.

PAWS is now working to establish a 24-hour ambulance service, veterinary clinic and animal shelter on a suitable piece of land in Karachi. This would also be a space for people to get together for environmental and animal welfare awareness related projects around the city and a place for learning. To achieve this goal, we are currently concentrating on raising money towards this project.

PAWS relies on the generosity of animal lovers like you to help animals in need. If you share our dream, please consider donating.

Make cheques payable to: Pakistan Animal Welfare Society
Mailing Address: 5-3-1, Sector 15, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi 74900, Pakistan

Title of Account: Pakistan Animal Welfare Society
Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank
Bank Address: WTC – Clifton Branch, Karachi, Pakistan
Branch Code: 072
Account Number: 01-1508933-01

We hope you’ll help us with your contribution. For ways in which you can volunteer with us, please visit our website for details:

With best wishes,

Mahera Omar
Maheen Zia
Co-Founders, PAWS

PAWS is officially registered in Pakistan as a non-profit Company under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984. Our accounts are audited annually by chartered accountants Salman & Co.

13 thoughts on “PAWS – Call for Donations

    1. Certainly. There are often rescued pups and dogs up for adoption. Do sms Dr. Shalla Hayat (0322 616 0876) or Dr. Otho (0321 247 1053) to visit the ones they are currently housing.

    1. Zehra, you can do an online transfer, or deposit your donation directly into our account at any Standard Chartered branch in the country.

  1. You people are doing an amazing job. I got to know about PAWS in ‘my pet and I’ show on style 360. It’s really nice to know and see that there are still people like you and many others… All the best for your organization..

  2. Animal welfare society is a good effort in Pakistan.but why only dogs, cats, and donkeys?other animals are also neglected in Pakistan and need attention.Society for protection against cruelity to animals(SPCA) is almost functionless and is rarely seen in action.

  3. Can u tell me where can i donate my fresh water turtle, i am moving out of Pakistan and my new landlord wont allow pets, so please let me know. It is of the size of an adult’s hand.

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