Fundraiser for PAWS raises Rs. 113,300

Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) would like to extend a heartfelt appreciation to the Animal Lovers Collective for organizing an electric evening at T2F on May 17th to raise funds for animals in need.

We wish to individually thank everyone who made it possible:

Shandana Minhas
Nimra Bucha
Joshindar Chaggar
Sunil Shanker
Ali Hayat
Imran Yusuf
Zoe and Rachel Viccaji
Sami Shah
Sabeen Mahmud, nurse Zaheer Kidvai and everyone at T2F
Najaf Bilgrami and Rashid
Ayessha Quraishi and Adil Sartaj
Omar Hussain

One thought on “Fundraiser for PAWS raises Rs. 113,300

  1. i thought PAWS work for all animals. but my experience says it works for fame and donation , not for animals. we have a female dog in our street . she is very friendly and very good dog. now she have puppies and she is overprotective. the ppl in neighbor hood are going to kill the dog and throw the pups in the dumping yard. i called vets of PAWS. i Called st.francis animal shelter ppl. and ask for help to save the dog and her pups. pups are only 4 days old. they promiss to help asked for donations . then hung out their phones. now no contact from any one . the phones are off and the one which is on no one is pikikng it up. the dog is going to be shot any time today just because she is barking and trying to protect her puppies. and the pups obviously die without the mother. how can u explain this. u ppl are behaving like usual NGO’s which donot care about their cause but only collect donations and want to have their “wah wah”

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