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Greater peacock virus toll feared next year

Faiza Ilyas in DAWN:

The aggressive pattern of the Newcastle disease virus over the last two years in Thar shows that the virus is likely to emerge in a more lethal form next year and there is a dire need for vaccination of captive birds against the disease across the province, tadalafil especially in Karachi where a large number of people keep birds as pets, nurse say experts at the government-run Sindh Poultry Vaccine Centre (SPVC), which is part of the Poultry Research Institute.

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Dogs shot in DHA

We just received this news from someone on our facebook page:

i jus saw a guard who shot 2 dogs an hour a ago at bhukhari comm. ph 6 =[ .. such a horrible act .. jus want to know its allowed or is it legal to shot down street dogs like that =S .. ? i duno if they harmed anyone or not .. the only thing noticed that they barked alot this morning .. :s

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Do we really need zoos?

Photo Credit: Express Tribune

Back in 2009, link DAWN had a wonderful editorial about the poor state of zoos in Pakistan. According to them:

WILD animals, sickness if they are bred in captivity or made captive through some cruel stroke of fate, price ought to be given sanctuary. They need to live in an environment that at least resembles their natural habitat. They can be a source of awe and wonderment for the onlooker but must never be treated as a means of amusement. Continue reading