KMC buys two lions at exorbitant price

Bhagwandas in DAWN:

KARACHI, stomach Aug 18: The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has purchased two white lions from a private contractor at a price around 10 times higher than the one at which he acquired the pair of big cats, it emerged on Thursday. Conservatives that Dawn spoke to felt certain that an inquiry should be instituted into what appeared to be a shady deal.

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3 thoughts on “KMC buys two lions at exorbitant price

  1. this is a cheated deal with kmc, from the importer. mr irfan khan, the owner of osaka ytrader.
    these with lions were imported from his brothers company.
    these white lions cost 15 lacs total, but kmc purchased it in 10 million.
    cause mr irfan gave bribe to kmc officer

  2. kamran ahmed is the brother of mr irfan ahmed khan, owner of osaka traders.
    woh imported the elephants for karachi zoo.

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