Handicapped Kitten gets new lease on life

This little kitten was someone’s pet till she met with an accident and got caught in a door. Paralyzed from the waist down, she was soon sent to a clinic to be put to sleep. While at the clinic, somebody saw her and decided to adopt her.

She was x-rayed and a couple of veterinarians gave the unanimous opinion that she wouldn’t be able to walk again. Her hind legs were a mess, and she had lost all sensation in them.

Days of tender loving care healed the skin on her legs, and she is doing much better now. She is very playful, has lots of toys, and a few dogs to keep her company. Her new family will be taking her abroad with them as they are moving soon. There, they will get special wheels made for her, so she can get around easily.

7 thoughts on “Handicapped Kitten gets new lease on life

  1. Hi, can anyone link resources/articles here on taking your pets abroad from pakistan. I’ve been looking for details online for what treatments/tests and documentations are required beforehand and how long animals can be held in quarantine once they are transported.Also does anyone know how safe air travel is for cats and what travel times they can safely endure. I’m primarily searching for info on taking cats abroad.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. People who do amazing things like this for animals deserve a medal. This means both, the people who adopt the animals, especially handicapped ones, AND the wonderful people who enable the rescues and adoptions. I, myself, am an animal lover, and we have grown up with all sorts of pets, the usual and more exotic ones. Aside from dogs and cats ( of which i currently have TEN!), we have had rescued deer, turtles, tortoises, birds of all sorts, a jungle cat (felis chaus) – who just passed away at age 12+, a bob cat, hedgehogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, white mice ( 6 that karachi university kindly donated to me when i was a little girl and who were the bane of my teachers’ lives as i always had one on my person at school! and fruit bats that had lost their mother!
    As, human beings and Muslims to boot, it is OUR DUTY to respect and look after the animal companions that God, in His Wisdom, has created to share our earth with us. In a society which is losing all respect even for human life, it gives me great hope to see people like the family who adopted this pretty baby still exist.

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