Abandoned cat needs new home

Folks in Karachi, we really need your help. The family who adopted this abandoned male brown and white cat cannot keep him any longer because of a tiny toddler in their house. We need to pick up this cat from them as soon as possible, but don’t have the space to house him. We want an animal lover to help by either providing a foster home or a permanent home. The cat is vaccinated, healthy and very friendly. Let us know if you are willing to volunteer to do this.. the cat is in DHA5.

This photograph is from the day we first picked them up a few months ago and transported them in this carrier to their foster home.. the cat in the background has since been adopted.

8 thoughts on “Abandoned cat needs new home

  1. I want to adopt cat as I will love and take care of him.is it the grey or white one need it before 7nov2012 reply pls and I want to adopt him pls pls pls

  2. i hav one male tiger color cat of 7 months old but looking wise so healthy n playful and cross persian doll face breed female with three kittens i urgently want to give them bcoz i m going abroad n no one can care them here available plz help me if anyone interested, all r potty trained n vaccinated . contact M Ibrahim Bukhari 03132005012. plz do needful.

  3. Hi I’m Mikael I’m 9 year old for few days I’ve been looking for the perfect pet and I looooooove cats then I found paws and then foun you
    Pls pls pls if possible send me your address bye:)

  4. I’m Mrs amir. Want to give my two cats. They r pure white. One pure Turkish and one mix bred .want to give them as soon as possible. Any one interested. Please contact. 03218883252

  5. I want to give my cat she is pure white and cute she is not Persian .she is vaccinated and potty trained the actual problem is that my mom is that mom is allergic to cats.

  6. i have two german shepherd and a pointer puppys i am going dubai i want donate contact me it is worse then 100000 but i dont want contact emergency wont i will give away

  7. Asalamualaikum, I’m kiran Hussain I have 3 big cats 2 female cat and 1 male cat I want to give these cats to a very sincere person who takes care of my cats. I’m giving this cats because there are so many cats in my house. If anyone is interested than please contact me on this number 03112369906

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