Chief Justice Sindh High Court issues notices to respondents on landmark petition for enforcement of all laws relating to turtles and tortoises

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October 23, treatment 2014

Karachi: Pakistan Animal Welfare Society and others have filed a petition in the Sindh High Court for the enforcement of all laws relating to turtles and tortoises in Pakistan as well as the international treaties signed on their behalf. There was a preliminary hearing today regarding this petition which was heard by the divisional bench of the court comprising of two judges headed by the Chief Justice of the Sindh High Court.

The Chief Justice thought the petition had merit and issued notices to the respondents including all provincial and federal authorities relating to this issue as well as to the alleged smuggler. In the meanwhile, cialis the Chief Justice has also stopped the proceedings before the magistrate which might have resulted in the acquittal of the alleged smuggler. This case has now been adjourned to November 18th, 2014 where comments will be filed by all concerned and a detailed hearing may be held later on this issue.

The Petition:

Media Contacts:

Pakistan Animal Welfare Society: Mahera Omar,, 0300 373 6388

Faisal Siddiqi,, 0333 232 7326

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  1. This is a landmark case, but how come that the officers of Animal Quarantine Department are set free. They were supposed to check that any living animal had to obtain a health certificate. And the Fisheries Act 1998 requires any shipment of live or dead turtles to be accompanied by export certificate. Were the representative of the Quarantine and Marine fisheries Departments not responsible to take action? why are they not included in the petition. Chief Justice must summon them as well

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