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IMG_2735Pakistan has been shooting and poisoning its stray dogs for decades now. Not only is this cruel and ineffective, it is madness given there are humane alternatives to stray dog population management and rabies control. “Killing dogs is not the solution as it does not stop the disease; mass dog vaccination is the only proven solution.” says World Animal Protection, an international organisation that works with governments and helps provides vaccination plans involving local communities.

Vaccination is humane, protects communities and it saves money. Several countries around the world follow the World Health Organisation’s recommended mass vaccination and sterilization campaigns. These include Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India. It is illegal to kill street dogs in India. According to People for Animals, India’s largest animal welfare organisation (co-founded by Maneka Gandhi),

The Government of India and the court have specifically forbidden the killing of street dogs. The courts have stated that dogs are a part of the city and simply being stray does not warrant a dog being killed. The court observed that “It needs no great learning to appreciate that dog or animals are not encroachers on earth and there is no question of eliminating them. It is the duty of every citizen to have compassion to animals including dogs….All state functionaries such as municipalities cannot ignore this obligation.”

Perhaps it is time the people of Pakistan go to court for the dogs. We request people to educate themselves about this issue and put pressure on the government to adopt a humane approach, one that is cost-effective and works in the long run. Write letters to the editors of leading newspapers to highlight this issue and keep on the pressure.

And sign our petition here: Adopt Humane Stray Dog Management in Pakistan

For more information, please see the following resources.

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(feel free to share widely them in your publications, media and citizens)

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7 thoughts on “Humane solutions – stray dog management for Pakistan

  1. AOA. I’m a huge supporter of PAWS. Please conduct surveys in Pakistan for stray animals today I saw a dog whose hind limbs were numb and he was dragging himself. I couldn’t do anything and I feel ashamed for it. Not only illegal trade bit people own pedigree dogs and leave them on the roads where all animals abuse them. Mostly people. Nobody takes me seriosuly. I do not have a job but when I do I’ll donate half of it to PAWS every month provided it’s pet to good use

    1. Instead of just complaining to them you could have done something. Don’t just feel sorry for them DO SOMETHING

  2. The first time I saw a truck carrying the dead bodies, I was in a neighbourhood where there (still) is water shortage, piles of trash, electricity lines being illegally used, and a mafia. I really wish someday someone would ask them to put down their guns and go about fixing the real issues of these places.

  3. Not only is this cruel and ineffective, it is madness given there are humane alternatives to stray dog population management and rabies control. “Killing dogs is not the solution as it does not stop the disease; mass dog vaccination is the only proven solutionDogs

  4. Contacting from the United Arab Emirates here, and let me tell you, you don’t see strays here in the city or the streets normally, there are only like, a few thousand dogs. TNR programs are conducted here, (trap neuter spay), a d it has made the sray dog population very less. Stray cats are important, because rats and mice are very hard to take care of, but strays can be happy strays too! UAE had banned illegal breeding and selling of animals, which is without a license, around 2 years ago, so more adoptions! I am a teenage girl soon to be a resident of Pakistan again, and I would have some free time and I am considering putting it into rescuing animals and doing tnr, also helping some orgs. too. Killings has never helped, every animal friendly nation has tried it and it has failed miserably. TNR and shelters are the only thing that have worked. Euthanasia is only given if the dog is dangerous, or can’t survive during tnr due to some other diseases. Jinnah had owned dogs too, even Imran Khan and Pervez Musharraf have. Just need the right people and Pakistan will be an animal friendly nation. And yes its helping the people too, strays carry a lot diseases with them. I’ll e mail you guys (PAWS) 🙂

  5. Well I think we should minimize the level of stray dogs and cats and then vaccinate them. Vaccination on large scale is more difficult for gov .

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