Internship and Volunteer Opportunities at PAWS


We are looking for interns and volunteers to manage our upcoming stream of projects at our new office corner at T2F in Karachi. Spend your autumn working on exciting animal welfare related projects. You’ll get the opportunity to gain experience in animal rescue coordination, communication, research and writing, data analysis, documentation, community outreach and fundraising.

Animal lovers, writers, veterinary and zoology students, biologists, artists, graphic designers, filmmakers, photographers, architecture, statistics and business students are encouraged to apply.


Responsibilities and projects include:

– coordinating help for animals in need
– working with a team to design public outreach campaigns
– generating content for our website (articles, videos, podcasts, posters)
– cataloging our animal library
– managing our social media
– designing fundraising strategies
– documenting Karachi Zoo
– documenting trees of Karachi

Karachi Zoo

If you’re looking to do something hands on this summer, come volunteer to improve conditions for the animals in captivity at Karachi Zoo. Hone your observation and data collection skills by researching the behaviour of animals in their cages. Enthusiast photographers and filmmakers bring your cameras! We will present our report with recommendations to the city government and increase public pressure to focus on the welfare of the city’s captive animals.

Trees of Karachi

Rediscover Karachi’s feathered inhabitants and the trees which they call home. We’ll document the native trees of Karachi and learn how they benefit the people, environment and urban wildlife of the city. The photographs, information and stories gathered will be published as a book and also made available online on the PAWS website.

Join a team of awesome volunteers in our efforts to promote urban biodiversity.

Strong internship applicants meet the following requirements:

– have an interest in animal welfare work
– have strong written and oral communication skills
– be 16 or older
– have strong interpersonal skills
– strong critical thinking, research, editing, reading, problem-solving and time management skills

Interns will be expected to commit 20 hours a week for 6 weeks. The internship is unpaid, however, a stipend of Rs. 3,000 for transport is available, and a certificate will be awarded at the end of completion.

Volunteers can commit to any number of hours a week.

Please submit a cover letter and resume with your application. Email to

Name  ____________

Phone number ___________

WhatsApp number ___________

Email address ___________

Age ___________

Education ___________

Field of interest (choose one or more)

– animal rescue coordination
– writing
– graphic design
– art
– filming
– photography
– managing social media
– on site documentation of Karachi Zoo
– documenting the trees of Karachi
– data analysis
– fundraising

Do you have your own laptop? ___________

Would you like to intern or volunteer? ___________

How many hours a week can you commit? ___________


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