Petition against stray dog killings filed in Sindh High Court

Press Release by Barrister Asad Iftikhar.

August 30, seek 2016.

Due to the strong public sentiment against the barbaric killing of stray dogs in Karachi, dosage a Constitutional Petition was filed in the Hon’ble High Court of Sindh today by Barrister Asad Iftikhar.

The petition was marked as public interest litigation and highlighted that the mass killing of dogs was being carried out by the authorities without any legal sanction as no bye-laws are framed in regards to stray animals which is a pre-requisite under the Sindh Local Government Act 2013. 

Mr. Iftikhar also argued that the practice of the concerned authorities was inhumane and such treatment of a sentient animal is ethically questionable especially when humane alternatives exist. The alternatives that were advanced include sterilization and vaccination of street dogs as mass killing of dogs does not address the source of animal and so will have to be repeated indefinitely as dogs have extremely high breeding rates.

The petition in question was filed with the assistance of Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) who also suggested that authorities such as KMC, symptoms CBC and DHA should legislate bye-laws in this regard to curb the stray dog population but in a systematic and civilized manner.

The bench headed by the Chief Justice of Sindh Sajjad Ali Shah was pleased to issue notice to the concerned authorities who will appear on the next date of hearing along with the Advocate General Sindh.

13 thoughts on “Petition against stray dog killings filed in Sindh High Court

  1. It should be reversed as your kids and old ppl are on threat ….And our govt don’t have any capacity to stop growing dogs ……Too dangerous if you are walking on street or riding on bikes at night ….just think about those poor ppl and school going kids who don’t have any conveyance ……Why dont you ppl own these dogs and make an area after capturing them if you love so much to them

    1. Very good move please save these innocent poor lives what means to be a superior specie as Allah made us because we help those who r not

  2. untolerable!!!! you are murders of living beings that can be better than MANY human beings!! I hope that the people responsable for killing all this dogs pay a high price for their actions… here or after this life.

  3. I wish people in Pakistan do the same for these poor n helpless God’s creatures as it is done in the West. The concept of street animals protection and caring is totally nil in our Islamic country. Even media is dead silent on this issue to educate public n promote welfare of these helpless God’s creature. I personally called few morning shows to bring up this topic to help this poor animals n educate children not to beat the street dogs n let them to die in pain. I bought big mud bowls for clean water as they also get thirsty n gathered few street boys to help me go door to door to provide water n food at one common point. In the name of God, public should learn to love n have sympathy in their heart to feed the poor street dogs n cats within your own locality with their unwanted waste food n water.

  4. Killing them wont solve the problem since there are wayyy too many stray dogs to even count! It should be in the NATIONAL INTEREST of Pakistan’s nation and government to make more Animal shelters, specifically Stray animal shelters. THIS IS A PROBLEM in ASIA, most countries do not have this problem because 1. they have shelters for them and every stray animal found goes there, 2. They surgically sterilize pets before letting them free 3. use chemical sterilization. These are the more halal ways of approaching this. Killing dogs is no different than the holocaust, lives are lives, weather animal or human. ONE LESSON THE PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT HAS FAILED TO TEACH ITS PEOPLE. people here hit dogs even if the dogs arent doing anything to them, while a foreigner would give the dog food and then take it to a shelter, and guess what? other countries that do this have a wayyyy lower population of stray animals, because everyone loves them and cares for them. The Karachi mass killing of dogs sadly has led a lot of people to negatively look at Pakistan, it was NOT a smart move, nor will it be forgiven. CREATE MORE SHELTERS= CREATE MORE JOBS= SAVE LIVES= LOWER STRAY POPULATION= THE HALAL WAY! If the government fail to recognize these solutions then are they even educated? or Musim? or even human enough to be taking the position that they hold in parliament? ALL LIVES ARE ALLAHS AND ANIMALS ARE ALL MUSLIMS, just because they cant cry out to you… doenst mean you are superior. Good luck Asia.

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