Call for volunteer project manager – Forever Against Animal Testing

In order to reach our goal of 250,000 signatures from Pakistan by August 20th, we are looking for a full-time volunteer project manager on behalf of PAWS to coordinate with individuals and schools/college/organisations in setting up information booths and collecting signatures on official The BodyShop® petition forms. The manager will

  • Plan and create a strategy/timeline to help us reach our goal.
  • Host a campaign launch event at a school or organisation.
  • Coordinate with The BodyShop® to send official petition forms to volunteers/organisations, and make sure they return them.
  • Be available in person at some of the events or arrange for volunteers to man the booths.
  • Manage the campaign on our social media accounts (Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram). 
    • Research and write posts creating awareness about animal testing.
    • Urge people to sign the online petition and volunteer. 
    • Respond to people reaching out to usand provide them relevant information.

The BodyShop® will provide the petition forms, backdrops/banners for setting up stalls. If your team is interested in a collaboration, please do let us know. This would be a first step in ensuring we meet our deadline. Worldwide, the goal of The BodyShop® and Cruelty Free International is to collect 8 million signatures. The 250,000 from Pakistan that will go to the UN are critical if we’re to represent our country in the United Nations.

The manager does not have to be one person.. you group can work on it together as a team. Feel free to email PAWS at to discuss any questions you may have. 


Mahera Omar

Director and co-founder,

Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)


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