Peshawar Zoo Bear

Zoochsis at Peshawar Zoo

To entertain residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, wildlife officials in Peshawar, Pakistan have caged a bear in a small barren enclosure, exploiting him by taking away his right to live wild. Devoid of any stimulation, the distressed animal can be seen suffering from zoochosis.

More than 30 animals, including a snow leopard, died at the zoo last year. Despite claims by zoos, animals in captivity do not inspire zoo visitors to play a role in conservation or increase awareness about the plight of wildlife around the world.

Report the suffering. Demand change. Take action today. Send your eyewitness reports to info at pawspakistan dot org #PeshawarZooBear

Speak up for the animals. Peshawar Zoo can be reached at 03449096150. Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Department can be reached at 091-9210333.

To publicly reach the government bureaucracy and other citizens of Pakistan, send letters to the editor of @dawn_com: dawn at letters dot com Do let us know if your letter gets published. Share this tweet with your family, friends and colleagues.

Link to the video on our YouTube channel: Feel free to download it from our channel and circulate on whatsapp. Tell the media. We want the world to know about this bear’s suffering.

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